Jones Act Attorney Wins Claim for Paralyzed Captain

FEBRUARY 29, 2012 by Ogletree Abbott

A Jones Act Attorney has the Answers

Being injured in a maritime accident is very scary – that is why having the services of a Jones Act attorney at your side is imperative to get what you deserve.  The stress of a Jones Act case can inhibit your recovery from your maritime accident.  When you have a Jones Act attorney at your side, you will be more likely to get the compensation that your accident entitles you to receive.  A Jones Act attorney knows exactly what each injury is worth. He or she will help you get that compensation, whether it means going to court or settling outside of the courtroom.

Paralysis from Transfer Accident Lead to Jones Act Attorney

J. Melugin was severely injured while working as the captain on a crew boat in the Gulf of Mexico.  The task that he was performing required him to be transferred in a personnel basket from his crew boat to another ship in the Gulf of Mexico.  While he was being transported, the personnel basket came loose from the crane and he fell 20 feet from the basket to the deck of the crew boat.  Mr. Melugin suffered severe injuries to his back and neck that left him paralyzed from the waist down.  Mr. Melugin was so severely injured that his family contacted a Jones Act attorney to help in Mr. Melugin’s case.

The Jones Act attorney instantly began investigating the reason for Mr. Melugin’s serious injuries.  It was discovered that the crane basket that was used for the transfer was defective, yet no one knew it because the proper inspections were not performed.  The negligence of the employer caused him to lose his ability to walk, as well as the ability to ever be able to work again.  Mr. Melugin’s Jones Act attorney took the case to court where the jury only took two hours to deliberate and award Mr. Melugin with $4.5 million.

Serious Injuries Need the Services of a Jones Act Attorney

Suffering a severe maritime injury that causes you to become paralyzed is a very stressful event that can only be made better by hiring the services of a Jones Act attorney.  Whether your employer is cooperating or resisting your claim, you should not take it on yourself. When your injuries are so severe that they are life altering, you need professional help. Hire the services of a Jones Act attorney right away to help you get what you deserve.

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