Jones Act Attorney Wins Claim for Sheet Metal Lacerations Accident

FEBRUARY 28, 2012 by Ogletree Abbott

Get All You Deserve with a Jones Act Attorney

When you are injured in a maritime case, a Jones Act attorney is the best way to get the financial compensation you are entitled to receive.  A Jones Act attorney will handle all aspects of your Jones Act claim, along with dealing with your employer.  Even if your employer is cooperating in your claim, it is important to have a Jones Act attorney on your side. He or she will help make sure you are getting everything that the Jones Act entitles you to receive of your maritime injury.

Seaman Contacts Jones Act Attorney after Suffering Lacerations

M. Upright was severely injured while working aboard an oilrig on a very difficult job.  Mr. Upright was responsible for lifting heavy sheets of metal down from the upper level of the rig to a lower level. His captain left the work site to check on another matter without warning Mr. Upright.  While Mr. Upright was in the process of lifting the sheet metal, it slipped, causing him to fall on his back.  The sheet metal left severe lacerations on his left leg and the fall caused cervical hernias in his back.  Mr. Upright needed immediate medical attention and was unable to work for several months following his accident.

Mr. Upright hired a reputable Jones Act attorney to help him with his Jones Act claim right away. He was concerned that the captain would deny any wrongdoing in the accident.  Mr. Upright was correct; the captain denied Mr. Upright’s claims, which caused the Jones Act attorney to take Mr. Upright’s case to court.  After the Jones Act attorney presented the evidence he had obtained to the court, the judge awarded Mr. Upright with $2.1 million for his injuries, including his pain, suffering and money to cover his extensive medical bills.  The judge ruled that the captain left Mr. Upright in unsafe working conditions, which goes against the Jones Act regulations.

Let a Reputable Jones Act Attorney Help You

Do not let your employer cover up any wrongdoing on their part when you are injured in a maritime accident.  Contact a reputable Jones Act attorney right away to help you file your claim.  A Jones Act attorney will see your claim through to the end, making sure you get the financial compensation that your maritime accident entitles you to receive.

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