Jones Act Attorneys Settle C-Clamp Claim for Rig Worker

FEBRUARY 29, 2012 by Ogletree Abbott

Choose a Team of Reliable Jones Act Attorneys

Jones Act attorneys are your best chance at getting the financial compensation you deserve when you are involved in a maritime accident.  Jones Act attorneys work hard every day to fight for the rights of maritime workers.  If you have been involved in a maritime accident as a result of poor working conditions or unfair treatment, you should consult with a team of attorneys right away to see if you are entitled to financial compensation.  A maritime accident is very serious and your compensation should not be left to chance, so use a team of reputable Jones Act attorneys.

Heavy Lifting on Oilrig Leads to Jones Act Attorneys

L. Crooms was working aboard an oilrig, performing a job that required five workers, but with only two other workers.  The crew was short that week due to illnesses that had passed through the rig, but the captain refused to let the work wait until the rest of the crew was back.  Mr. Crooms helped his co-workers set up the rigging, despite his reservations. While he was lifting a massive C-clamp, he ended up injuring his back enough to seek medical attention.  Mr. Crooms was diagnosed with a herniated disc and was required to stay off work for 2 months.  Mr. Crooms’ employer was adamant that he did not have a valid Jones Act claim and refused to speak to him about it.  Mr. Crooms immediately contacted a team of Jones Act attorneys to help him with his case.

Mr. Crooms’ Jones Act attorneys investigated the claims that he made and found them to be true.  After speaking to several of the other crewmen, the Jones Act attorneys determined that the proper working conditions were not provided for Mr. Crooms.  If the work had waited until there were sufficient crewmen available, Mr. Crooms would not have strained his back and suffered a herniated disk from lifting the C-clamp.  Once Mr. Crooms’ employer realized that there was sufficient evidence in this case, the case settled for just over $1 million.

Call Your Jones Act Attorneys as Soon as Possible

If you have been forced to perform a job that requires more help than you have aboard an oilrig, then you deserve compensation and should contact Jones Act attorneys right away.  The Jones Act is designed to protect maritime workers and when employers abuse those conditions, you deserve compensation.  Contact your Jones Act attorneys right away and get what you deserve.

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