Jones Act Attorneys Win Claim for Seaman with Undiagnosed Illness

FEBRUARY 28, 2012 by Ogletree Abbott

Don’t Lose Compensation – Call Jones Act Attorneys Now

When you are involved in a maritime accident, it can be difficult to obtain financial compensation without the services of a team of Jones Act attorneys.  Jones Act attorneys will help you file your Jones Act claim and see it through to the end, helping you get the financial justice you deserve.  Many employers will try to cheat you out of your compensation, pressuring you to drop your case. Others may try to cut corners to avoid paying you what you deserve.  Do not lose compensation you deserve – contact a team of Jones Act attorneys right away to help you.

Sick Seaman Needs Jones Act Attorneys

D. Simeon was a seaman on a vessel for 16 years when he required the services of Jones Act attorneys.  Mr. Simeon started feeling ill to his stomach and mentioned it to his employer.  His employer ignored anything that was said in regards to his illness.  When the illness continued to get worse, Mr. Simeon requested medical attention from his employer, yet he was still denied.  The vessel continued out to sea and Mr. Simeon’s symptoms continued to worsen.  As time passed, his mental anguish also began to worsen.  Once he was back on shore and able to seek medical attention, he was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis.  Mr. Simeon was off work for several weeks and decided to contact reputable Jones Act attorneys to see if he was entitled to any compensation.

According to the Jones Act, maritime workers that are away from home for weeks at a time are entitled to timely medical attention when the need arises.  The Jones Act attorneys were able to prove that Mr. Simeon asked for medical attention several times and he was consistently denied by his employer.  Mr. Simeon’s Jones Act attorneys brought the case to court to fight Mr. Simeon’s employer.  Mr. Simeon was awarded with $875,000 for his loss of wages, as well as the mental anguish he had to endure as a result of not being provided with prompt medical attention.

Illnesses Need the Services of Jones Act Attorneys

If you are a maritime worker that has been denied medical attention and had a real medical issue that needed to be addressed, you might be eligible for financial compensation as well.  An illness can be deadly if not treated right away – if your employer put you in this danger zone, you need legal help. The only way to find out for sure what compensation you are entitled to receive is to contact a team of Jones Act attorneys today.

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