Jones Act Claims Attorney Settles PTSD and Back Injury Claim

FEBRUARY 29, 2012 by Ogletree Abbott

Let a Jones Act Claims Attorney Work for You

When you are injured in a maritime accident, you can ensure the success of your Jones act claims by hiring an attorney to help you.  A maritime accident claim is very detailed and can be very stressful.  If your employer is not cooperating in your claim, contact a Jones Act claims attorney to assist you with your claim.  A Jones Act claims attorney will not let your employer take advantage of you; they want you to get what you are entitled to receive. Your attorney will work for you and with you to get a fair settlement or award.

Broken Deck Board Needs Jones Act Claims Lawyer

N. Kulas was working aboard a Louisiana vessel when he suffered a maritime accident that left him injured and suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.  Luckily, Mr. Kulas already had reputable Jones Act claims attorneys in mind to help him with his maritime claim.  Mr. Kulas was injured while walking along the deck of the vessel upon which he was employed.  While walking on the deck, a board came loose and gave way underneath him, causing him to fall 20 feet below to the cargo hold.  Mr. Kulas suffered a herniated disk, as well severe whiplash that left him bedridden for several months.  The shock of falling also left Mr. Kulas with a mild form of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Mr. Kulas’ Jones Act claims attorneys began investigating the reason for the deck board to give way.  It was discovered that the deck board had been loose for several months but Mr. Kulas’ employer neglected to fix it in a timely manner.  Had the board been properly fixed, Mr. Kulas would not have been injured.  The Jones Act attorney did not have to go to court because the employer settled for $1.5 million out of court.

File Jones Act Claims for Injuries and PTSD

If a maritime accident has left you injured or with post-traumatic stress disorder, contact your Jones Act claims attorney right away.  Your employer is required to supply you with a safe working environment. If that environment is not provided, you deserve compensation for your injuries.  Contact your Jones Act claims attorney today.

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