Jones Act Claims Lawyer Wins Heavy Lifting Injury Claim

FEBRUARY 25, 2012 by Ogletree Abbott

Jones Act Claims are Tricky – Hire an Attorney to Help

Jones Act claims can be tricky – if you want to make sure you get the compensation you deserve as a result of your accident, get the help of a Jones Act attorney today.  Jones Act claims are very complex, so letting a Jones Act attorney deal with your claim will make the process much easier for you.  An attorney will investigate your claim and do anything else necessary to make sure you get compensation for your pain and suffering, medical bills and lost wages.

Back Injury Leads Worker to Calls Jones Act Claims Attorney

T. Burgdorf worked as a maritime worker for 25 years without filing any Jones Act claims.  When he was ordered to do the job that a machine normally does, Mr. Burgdorf was injured.  Normally, hydraulic equipment is used to hoist up heavy steel cables, but because the equipment was unavailable at the time, Mr. Burgdorf’s employer ordered the worker to hoist it up on his own.  Mr. Burgdorf asked for the assistance from another co-worker so that he was not injured, but his request was denied.  Mr. Burgdorf suffered a severe back injury that left him unable to work for the next eight months.  He hired a Jones Act attorney that was successful in fighting Jones Act claims to help him with his case.

The Jones Act attorney took over the claim and started working on it right away.  Jones Act claims require a lot of in depth work and investigations, which Mr. Bergdorf’s attorney was happy to do.  After the attorney’s investigations, it was proven that Mr. Burgdorf was not provided with the proper working conditions and that his injury could have been prevented by either waiting for the hydraulic equipment to be available or by giving Mr. Bergdorf additional workers to help him.  The attorney was able to get Mr. Bergdorf awarded with $2.5 million for his injury.

Jones Act Claims Attorneys are Here to Help You

Do not let Jones Act claims scare you if you have been injured in a maritime accident.  Get what you deserve by hiring a Jones Act attorney to handle any Jones Act claims that your accident requires.  Jones Act claims are a valid way to get the financial compensation that you and your family deserve for your maritime accident.

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