Jones Act Lawyer Helps California Seaman with Crushed Hand

FEBRUARY 28, 2012 by Ogletree Abbott

Stay Strong with a Jones Act Lawyer

Do not let your employer talk you into dropping your Jones Act claim – hire an experienced Jones Act lawyer to fight your claim for you.  When you are injured in a maritime accident, it is common for an employer to try to talk you out of filing your claim or to try to cheat you out of what you deserve.  Instead of leaving your Jones Act case to chance, hire a Jones Act lawyer that knows the ins and outs of maritime law to help you fight your claim.

Jones Act Lawyer Contacted after Winch Accident

T. Sobotka was a crewman aboard a California ship for 15 years when he suffered a maritime accident.  Mr. Sobotka was monitoring the wire rope to ensure that it spooled evenly when his glove caught on a spur.  When the glove was caught, the pressure pulled his hand into the winch, crushing the hand.  It took several co-workers to stop the spool and to release Mr. Sobotka’s hand from the winch.  Mr. Sobotka suffered the loss of three fingers, as well as severe crushing injuries to his remaining fingers and hand.  The injury left him unable to return to work as a crewman, the only job he has known for the last 15 years.

Mr. Sobotka was advised by his co-workers to contact a Jones Act lawyer to help him with his Jones Act claim.  Following the advice of his co-workers, he contacted a Jones Act lawyer who arranged a consultation and took over the Jones Act claim.  The attorney discovered that the equipment was missing a vital protective shield. After obtaining the crucial evidence to support Mr. Sobotka’s case, the Jones Act lawyer was able to get the employer to settle the case out of court.  Mr. Sobotka was given $1.4 million for his injuries.

Recover Your Losses with a Jones Act Lawyer

When you suffer a maritime accident that has left you unable to return to your previous employment, you need to figure out a way to recover your lost wages.  A Jones Act lawyer will help you navigate the system, handling your Jones Act claim from beginning to end.  Using the services of a Jones Act lawyer will ensure that you get the financial compensation that you are entitled to receive.  Do not delay; contact your Jones Act lawyer today.

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