Jones Act Lawyers Win Large Award for Seaman with Permanent Injuries

FEBRUARY 28, 2012 by Ogletree Abbott

Calling Jones Act Lawyers is Important to Your Claim

When you suffer a maritime accident, it is imperative that you contact a reputable team of Jones Act lawyers right away to help you with your claim.  Jones Act lawyers are there to help take the stress away of filing a maritime claim, while you focus on recovering from your maritime injury.  Your Jones Act lawyers handle your case from beginning to end. They will take all of the necessary steps to get you the financial compensation your maritime accident entitles you to receive.

Deckhand Struck by Crane Basket Calls Jones Act Lawyers

M. Erickson was a deckhand aboard a California barge for 17 years before he experienced a maritime accident.  Mr. Erickson always took pride in the fact that he took the necessary precautions to prevent getting hurt while working.  He was quite shocked when he suffered a very serious maritime injury.  Mr. Erickson was helping to load a crane basket that was unloading the barge to the dock. The crane basket became loose and knocked Mr. Erickson down onto the deck.  The force of the basket caused him to suffer severe injuries in both knees, as well as lumbar injuries.  Mr. Erickson required extensive surgeries that left him unable to return to work as a maritime worker.

Mr. Erickson was devastated to be unable to return to the only work he knew.  He contacted a team of Jones Act lawyers to help him with his maritime case.  The Jones Act lawyers took the case on full force, taking the case to trial to get Mr. Erickson what he was entitled to receive. The court determined that the crane basket was in need of repair and that the employer was at fault for not performing the proper inspections before requiring the seaman to work with the crane.  Mr. Erickson’s Jones Act lawyers were able to get him awarded with $4.5 million for his pain, suffering and inability to be able to return to work.

Jones Act Lawyers Help with Faulty Equipment Claims

Do not let your employer get away with not performing the proper inspections on equipment before requiring you to work on it.  If you have been injured by faulty equipment in a maritime accident, contact your Jones Act lawyers today.  Jones Act lawyers will make sure you get the compensation you deserve as a result of your maritime accident.

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