Jones Act Settlements Attorney Wins Unsafe Working Conditions Claim

FEBRUARY 29, 2012 by Ogletree Abbott

Hire an Attorney that Specializes in Jones Act Settlements

Hire the services of an attorney specializing in Jones Act settlements to get what you deserve in the case of a maritime accident.  Whether your accident has left you unable to work for a short amount of time or permanently, a Jones Act settlements attorney will be able to advise you of the financial compensation your accident is worth and how to go about filing the claim.  It is not worth risking your financial compensation by filing your Jones Act claim on your own.  Do yourself a favor and hire an attorney that specializes in Jones Act settlements today.

High Seas Lead to Foot Injury and Jones Act Settlements Attorney

D. Barcero was not afraid to contact his Jones Act settlements lawyer when he was injured working on a barge in Alaska.  Mr. Barcero knew that if he did not have a reputable Jones Act settlements lawyer by his side, his Jones Act claim would never be approved.  Mr. Barcero was injured while lifting logs from one end of the barge to the other.  Working with several other crewmen, Mr. Barcero lost his balance and fell into another crewman who dropped his log right onto Mr. Barcero’s foot.  He suffered a crushed left foot and he was unable to return to work on the barge.

Mr. Barcero’s Jones Act settlements lawyer began investigating why the seaman had such a hard time keeping his balance while carrying the logs.  It was discovered that the barge was at sea while Mr. Barcero and his co-workers were ordered to move the logs.  When the barge hit high seas, their captain refused to let them stop working, which is why Mr. Barcero lost his balance and suffered his injuries.  Because his injuries were the result of unsafe working conditions, Mr. Barcero was awarded with $1.56 million by the court.

You Have the Right to a Jones Act Settlements Attorney

If you have been subjected to unsafe working conditions like Mr. Barcero, contact your Jones Act settlements lawyer right away.  Lawyers that are well versed in the Jones Act will get you the financial compensation that you deserve.  It is your right to seek compensation and hire your own attorney. As soon as you suffer a maritime accident, contact your Jones Act settlements lawyer and start the claim process now.

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