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Seek Jones Act Settlements after Maritime Accidents

Jones Act settlements lawyers work on behalf of maritime workers that are treated poorly or forced to work in risky conditions.  Working as a maritime worker involves an element of risk, but that risk can be minimized when the proper working conditions are provided and the proper safety precautions are taken.  Jones Act settlements lawyers know just how to find out if your working conditions were the cause of your accident and can tell you if you have a valid Jones Act settlement claim. If you have a valid claim, your attorneys will help you seek fair compensation.

Facial Injuries Lead Seaman to Call Jones Act Settlements Attorney

N. Byford was working as a fisherman aboard a fishing vessel in Alaska when he suffered severe facial injuries that caused him to contact a lawyer specializing in Jones Act settlements.  As Mr. Byford was netting in the fish on the vessel, the net snapped back harshly, hitting him across the face with a very sharp motion.  The blow caused Mr. Byford to fall backwards and hit his head.  After a medical examination, it was determined that Mr. Byford had a mild concussion, as well as several facial injuries that left him with permanent facial disfigurement.  Mr. Byford’s Jones Act settlements lawyer went to work right away and filed a Jones Act claim for the seaman.

Mr. Byford’s Jones Act settlements lawyer determined right away that the employer was not going to fight the claim, so they would not have to go to trial.  The employer knew that the netting procedure was not handled properly, which led to the accident and injuries. The Jones Act settlements lawyer went through all of the motions of filing a Jones Act claim and Mr. Byford was given $1 million for injuries and loss of income.

Garner Large Jones Act Settlements with an Attorney

If you have been injured in a maritime accident that left you with facial disfigurement, contact your Jones Act settlements lawyer today.  Your lawyer will be able to help you file your Jones Act claim and get you the financial compensation that you deserve.  It does not matter what caused your accident – Jones Act settlements are what a maritime lawyer is there to garner.

Avoid Worrying about Jones Act Claims

Do not get overwhelmed when you are injured in a maritime accident – contact a Jones Act claims attorney right away to handle your case.  Employers have a way of cutting corners or pressuring victims to drop their maritime case.  If you have a team of Jones Act claims attorneys at your side, you will ensure that you are being treated correctly and that your employer does not cheat you out of the compensation that you deserve.  Let the Jones Act claims lawyers worry about your compensation while you work on recovering from your injuries.

Seaman’s Arm is Crushed – Jones Act Claims Attorney Called

S. Streiff was working as a maritime worker aboard a California vessel when he was injured in a maritime accident.  Mr. Streiff was loading 75-pound crates into the engine room on his own, despite his request for help since the crates were so heavy.  Mr. Streiff’s request for help was denied, but he was required to continue his loading work.  While loading the crates, two of the heavy boxes fell of the stack and crushed his arm underneath them.  Mr. Streiff called for help for over a half an hour before anyone heard him and came to his aid.  By the time they arrived, he had suffered extensive damage to his arm, leaving him with a permanent injury.

Mr. Streiff contacted his Jones Act claims attorney right away because he did not want to take the chance of his employer denying his claim right off the bat.  The Jones Act claims attorney investigated the situation and found enough evidence to prove that the employer violated the Jones Act.  Had the Jones Act been followed, Mr. Streiff would have been provided with the proper help and his accident might not have happened.  The Jones Act claims attorney was able to get Mr. Streiff a settlement of $1.9 million for his injuries.

Leave the Jones Act Claims to the Pros

If you have been injured in a maritime accident, it is imperative that you contact a Jones Act claims attorney right away.  Unless you are a licensed and educated attorney, there is no way for you to understand all aspects of maritime law. Instead, leave it up to your attorney. A Jones Act claims attorney understands maritime law and will get you the compensation you deserve.  Filing a timely claim is important, so contact your Jones Act claims attorney today.

Jones Act Attorneys Offer Sound Advice

The Jones Act attorneys you hire for your maritime claim will work hard to ensure your success. When you are hurt on the job, you need someone on your side to protect your interests. Your Jones Act attorneys will be on your side and they have only your best interests in mind. Your employer will have skilled attorneys working for them – you deserve the same. After a maritime accident, call your attorneys for advice. They will help you decide if you need to file a claim and, if so, they will take care of the details for you.

Seaman Suffers Head Injury and Seeks Advice from Jones Act Attorneys

R. Evans was working aboard a Louisiana fishing vessel when he needed Jones Act attorneys. Mr. Evans was hurt when another worker struck him in the head with a piece of pipe. The other worker was loading large pieces of pipe onto the vessel. The worker turned without warning and the pipe he was carrying swung around, striking Mr. Evans. The blow knocked the seaman out and when he woke up, he was dizzy, confused and in pain. Diagnosed with a severe concussion, Mr. Evans was unable to work for several weeks. Even after the concussion healed, his vision was permanently impaired and he could not return to the fishing boat. He called his Jones Act attorneys for help.

The Jones Act attorneys filed an immediate claim for the unsafe working conditions. While the accident was clearly just that – an accident – the employer was still liable. The employer had an obligation to make sure all employees knew their jobs, including the proper way to load pipe. The offending worker should have looked around and made sure other workers were out of the way. Instead, Mr. Evans was left with a permanent injury. The employer negotiated with the Jones Act attorneys and a settlement of $4.2 million was offered and accepted.

Make Informed Decisions with Jones Act Attorneys

If you have lost the ability to work in the maritime industry because of an accident, call your Jones Act attorneys for advice. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, you may be entitled to some form of compensation. Let your Jones Act attorneys help you make an informed decision and seek fair compensation from your negligent employer.

Let a Jones Act Attorney Handle Your Maritime Legal Needs

Your Jones Act attorney has the knowledge and skill needed to win your maritime claim. As a maritime worker, you need a reputable and reliable attorney on your side. You never know when you might need to file a claim because you never know when an accident will happen. Be prepared and have your Jones Act attorney on stand-by to handle all of your maritime legal needs.

Worker Loses Arm and Calls Jones Act Attorney

S. Garvin was working on a fish-processing vessel out of Alaska when she needed a Jones Act attorney. Ms. Garvin was injured while trying to repair a piece of equipment. The equipment had several sharp cutting blades and Ms. Garvin was trying to work around the blades. In her efforts, she accidentally hit the power switch and the equipment came to life. She lost most of her arm to the blades and had to seek emergency medical treatment. She almost lost her life due to the blood loss. Ms. Garvin called a Jones Act attorney as soon as possible. A claim was filed against her employer for an unsafe working environment.

Ms. Garvin’s Jones Act attorney discovered that the equipment should have had a safety mechanism for emergency situations to turn it off. The safety mechanism for this machinery was not working. If the employer had performed regular maintenance on the equipment, this problem would have been discovered and repaired. Instead, Ms. Garvin was injured and lost most of her arm. The employer knew the case was strong and chose to settle out of court. The final settlement amount was for $3.2 million. Ms. Garvin was never able to return to the maritime industry.

Call a Jones Act Attorney for Unsafe Equipment Accidents

If you, or someone you know, have lost a limb in a maritime accident, contact your Jones Act attorney for advice. You need solid, dependable legal help to win your claim in court. Unsafe equipment and unsafe working environments require the services of experienced attorneys. You deserve financial compensation and your Jones Act attorney will help you get it.

You Deserve Experienced Jones Act Attorneys for Your Claim

When you hire Jones Act attorneys, you know you are hiring experienced professionals for your maritime claim – and you deserve nothing less. As a maritime worker, you face danger every day when you board a vessel to work. Even the best of efforts can result in a maritime accident. When an accident leads to injury, call your Jones Act attorneys for legal advice. If you have a valid claim, you could be entitled to monetary compensation. Do not waste another minute waiting for your employer to do the right thing – call your attorneys today.

Jones Act Attorneys Called after Crab Pot Lid Accident

P. Lance was working as a deckhand aboard an Alaskan crabbing vessel when he hired Jones Act attorneys. Mr. Lance was hurt while preparing the bait for the crab pots. As he was putting the bait inside the pot, the lid of the pot came loose. It slammed down on Mr. Lance’s hand before he could get it out of the way. The force of the impact shattered several bones in his hand. Mr. Lance called his Jones Act attorneys for advice and a claim was filed.

The Jones Act attorneys investigated the accident as soon as possible. They discovered that another worker had let the lid fall without warning Mr. Lance. This was a clear case of negligence and the employer was responsible. The employer blamed Mr. Lance for the accident, saying that he should have paid more attention to the lid of the pot. Only two days before trial did the employer finally offer a settlement. The Jones Act attorneys negotiated with the employer and a settlement of $1.15 million was reached for the hand injury and related expenses.

Hand Injuries Need Jones Act Attorneys

If you have injured your hand aboard a crabbing vessel or any other vessel, call your Jones Act attorneys. You deserve compensation for unsafe working environments – even if the fault does not lie directly with your employer, but with a co-worker. Let your Jones Act attorneys help you seek fair compensation for your injuries and medical expenses.

Let a Jones Act Attorney Take Care of Legal Matters

Call your Jones Act attorney after any maritime-related accident. Filing a maritime claim should only be handled by the professionals – your attorneys. These claims need to be filed quickly and they need to be handled with care. While you recover from your maritime accident, your Jones Act attorney will be taking care of the legal side – your compensation. Act fast and call your attorney today to begin the process.

Fisherman Suffers Electric Shock and Calls Jones Act Attorney

M. Neilson was working aboard a Texas fishing vessel when he needed a Jones Act attorney. Mr. Neilson was hurt when he was making repairs to the engine. He was not trained in engine repair, but his employer requested his help because the engine technician was absent. Mr. Neilson was given brief instructions on what to do and left alone to do it. As he tried to make the repairs, he suffered a series of electric shocks. Mr. Neilson was knocked to the floor from the impact of the shock. Disorientated and in pain, he was airlifted to the nearest hospital. After weeks of medical care, he was allowed to return to the maritime industry. During this time, he hired a Jones Act attorney.

The Jones Act attorney quickly filed a claim on behalf of the injured seaman. It was clearly a case of negligence. Mr. Neilson should never have been asked to perform repairs that he did not know how to make. The accident was the fault of the employer and the employer knew it. After several settlement meetings, Mr. Neilson’s Jones Act attorney garnered a settlement of $1.85 million for the injuries, medical costs and lost wages. Mr. Neilson continued to work on the same vessel and no hard feelings were created because the employer knew he was responsible.

Let a Jones Act Attorney Get Your Compensation Quickly

If you, or someone you know, have been injured in the maritime industry, contact your Jones Act attorney for help. Your attorney will take care of all aspects of your maritime claim, leaving you free to focus on recovery. Call your Jones Act attorney today and have your settlement or award in a timely manner.

Jones Act Lawyers Handle Claims for Recovering Seamen

Jones Act lawyers are experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of the Jones Act.  If you have been injured in a maritime accident, do not let the stress of a maritime claim overwhelm you.  A team of Jones Act lawyers will take over your case, handling the communication with your employer and even taking your case to trial in front of a jury, if the need arises.  Recovering from a maritime accident, no matter how serious, is stressful enough – let your Jones Act lawyers help you with your claim, while you focus on your recovery.

Request for Help Denied, Jones Act Lawyers Contacted

F. Gildea was an employee aboard a Mississippi fishing vessel when he suffered a maritime injury that left him unable to work for several months.  Working on the deck of the vessel, Mr. Gildea noticed that the deck was covered in a thick layer of ice.  HE notified his employer about the ice and asked for help, as well as the proper way to remove the ice for the safety of everyone aboard the vessel.  Mr. Gildea’s request was ignored, so he tried to remove the ice on his own.  While removing the ice, he slipped fell flat on his back.  Mr. Gildea’s accident required lumbar spine surgery that resulted in three months off work.  Mr. Gildea was very concerned about how his family would survive with the lost wages and the medical bills that were piling up.

He contacted a team of Jones Act lawyers to help him with his case rather than taking it on himself.  The Jones Act lawyers went to work right away on the case.  The lawyers were able to determine that Mr. Gildea’s employer was not going to cooperate, just as he did not cooperate with Mr. Gildea when he requested help.  Mr. Gildea’s case went to trial and the Jones Act lawyers were able to garner an award of $1.2 million.

Keep Your Working Environment Safe with Jones Act Lawyers

It is the responsibility of your maritime employer to provide a safe working environment for all employees.  If you have been subjected to unsafe working conditions and have suffered a maritime accident, contact a team of Jones Act lawyers today.  The lawyers will help you get the financial compensation you deserve.   Do not delay any longer; contact your Jones Act lawyers today!

Have a Successful Claim with a Jones Act Lawyer

In order for your Jones Act case to be successful, it is imperative to hire a Jones Act lawyer to file your claim for you.  Depending on the complexity of your maritime accident, your recovery time might be very lengthy and you might have to endure a lot of pain and suffering as you recover.  Do not be bothered with the stress of a Jones act claim – let a Jones Act lawyer who is experienced in maritime law and has fought many claims handle your claim.  Not only will you not have to deal with the stress that a Jones Act claim can cause, you are more likely to gain a larger settlement when you use a Jones Act lawyer.

Seaman Falls Down Stairs and Calls Jones Act Lawyer

L. Githens was a seaman working on a fishing vessel in the Mississippi River when he suffered a maritime accident.  Mr. Githens was working on the boat when he walked up the stairs to obtain a pair of glove liners. As he stepped to the top step, he slipped and fell backwards down the steps.  Mr. Githens suffered a torn ligament in his right knee and an injury to his lower back.  There were not any witnesses to his accident so it was up to Mr. Githens to prove that the stairs were unfit for a seaman to be working on.  Mr. Githens definitely required the services of a Jones Act lawyer.

The Jones Act lawyer that he hired interviewed Mr. Githens first to get the entire story as to how the accident occurred.  After talking with Mr. Githens, the lawyer went to work investigating the fishing vessel and interviewing other workers on the vessel.  After the investigations and unsuccessful settlement attempts with the employer, the case went to court.  The Jones Act lawyer was able to obtain evidence to prove that the stairs were slippery with fish oils and were not properly cleaned.  Since Mr. Githens was subjected to unsafe working conditions, he was awarded $1.8 million for his pain, suffering and lost wages.

Fight for Your Claim with a Jones Act Lawyer

If you, or a loved one, have been injured in a maritime accident because of unsafe working conditions on the part of your employer, contact a Jones Act lawyer right away.  Experienced and knowledgeable in everything that the Jones Act entails, a Jones Act lawyer is your best fighting chance to get what you deserve.

Get Every Dollar of Your Jones Act Settlements

Jones Act settlements can be very large in some cases, so it is best to hire a Jones Act lawyer to make sure you get every dollar you deserve.  Jones Act lawyers work with Jones Act settlements every day, which is why they are your best chance to get the compensation you are entitled to receive.  Whether your accident was truly an accident or was the fault of faulty equipment or employer negligence, Jones Act settlements are meant to protect maritime workers.  Get what you deserve from your accident by contacting a lawyer today.

Widow Hires Jones Act Settlements Attorney after Loss of Husband

T. Paey was working aboard an industrial offshore vessel in the Mississippi River when his family needed the services of a lawyer that was experienced in Jones Act settlements.  Mr. Paey was ordered to help three other co-workers lift heavy boxes from a high ledge down to the deck.  Mr. Paey was told to climb the extension ladder and hand the boxes down to a co-worker; however, the extension ladder was not tied securely. When Mr. Paey leaned over, the ladder slipped and he fell overboard, drowning in the waters. Mr. Paey’s wife was left without a husband and without the knowledge on how to obtain Jones Act settlements.

The first thing Mr. Paey’s widow did was hire a Jones Act lawyer to help her obtain the financial compensation she deserved.  The lawyer she hired was well known for obtaining large Jones Act settlements, so she felt confident that he would be able to help her.  Mr. Paey’s employer refused any wrongdoing or responsibility in the claim that was filed, so the case had to be taken to court.  The attorney was able to show that the ladder was not properly secured and that proper rescue procedures were not followed. The court awarded Mr. Paey’s widow with $4.8 million for the untimely loss of her husband in a maritime accident.

Cover Your Expenses with Jones Act Settlements

Since Jones Act settlements are hard to obtain without the help of a lawyer, it is best not to fight a Jones Act claim on your own.  Let an experienced lawyer help you, or your family, get the compensation that you deserve, especially in the case of a lost loved one.  Jones Act settlements will not bring your loved one back, but they will help cover burial and living expenses.

Jones Act Claims are Tricky – Hire an Attorney to Help

Jones Act claims can be tricky – if you want to make sure you get the compensation you deserve as a result of your accident, get the help of a Jones Act attorney today.  Jones Act claims are very complex, so letting a Jones Act attorney deal with your claim will make the process much easier for you.  An attorney will investigate your claim and do anything else necessary to make sure you get compensation for your pain and suffering, medical bills and lost wages.

Back Injury Leads Worker to Calls Jones Act Claims Attorney

T. Burgdorf worked as a maritime worker for 25 years without filing any Jones Act claims.  When he was ordered to do the job that a machine normally does, Mr. Burgdorf was injured.  Normally, hydraulic equipment is used to hoist up heavy steel cables, but because the equipment was unavailable at the time, Mr. Burgdorf’s employer ordered the worker to hoist it up on his own.  Mr. Burgdorf asked for the assistance from another co-worker so that he was not injured, but his request was denied.  Mr. Burgdorf suffered a severe back injury that left him unable to work for the next eight months.  He hired a Jones Act attorney that was successful in fighting Jones Act claims to help him with his case.

The Jones Act attorney took over the claim and started working on it right away.  Jones Act claims require a lot of in depth work and investigations, which Mr. Bergdorf’s attorney was happy to do.  After the attorney’s investigations, it was proven that Mr. Burgdorf was not provided with the proper working conditions and that his injury could have been prevented by either waiting for the hydraulic equipment to be available or by giving Mr. Bergdorf additional workers to help him.  The attorney was able to get Mr. Bergdorf awarded with $2.5 million for his injury.

Jones Act Claims Attorneys are Here to Help You

Do not let Jones Act claims scare you if you have been injured in a maritime accident.  Get what you deserve by hiring a Jones Act attorney to handle any Jones Act claims that your accident requires.  Jones Act claims are a valid way to get the financial compensation that you and your family deserve for your maritime accident.