High Seas Accident Leads to Jones Act Attorney

MARCH 9, 2012 by Ogletree Abbott

Let a Jones Act Attorney Take Over for You

If you have been injured in a maritime accident, a Jones Act attorney is your best chance at getting the financial compensation you deserve.  A Jones Act attorney will handle your Jones Act case from beginning to end, taking over all communications with your employer.  When you allow a Jones Act attorney to take over your case, you are allowing yourself to focus on your recovery, while the attorney handles the rest for you.

Jones Act Attorney Helps Experienced Seaman Win Claim

J. Petrosky had been working as a seaman for 17 years before he suffered his first maritime injury.  Mr. Petrosky was ordered to retrieve a mooring line from the high seas.  As Mr. Petrosky was retrieving the line, the rough seas caused him to be tossed around and washed into the pipes of the vessel.  Mr. Petrosky suffered severe back, hip, shoulder and arm injuries that left unable to work for six months.

Mr. Petrosky was quite shocked after his accident and needed a Jones Act attorney to help him file his claim.  The attorney performed the proper investigations immediately to discover the reason why Mr. Petrosky suffered his injuries.  Statements were taken from the seaman and from other workers to discover the root of the accident. The Jones Act attorney was able to find proof of the fact that Mr. Petrosky’s employer forced him to work during the high seas, therefore forcing him to work in unsafe conditions.  Mr. Petrosky’s employer settled out of court with the Jones Act attorney for $1.5 million.

Keep Conditions Safe with a Jones Act Attorney

If you have been forced to work in unsafe working conditions aboard a vessel and have suffered severe injuries as a result, contact your Jones Act attorney right away.  Employers are required to provide a safe working environment that does not put the health or life of the maritime employee at risk.  If your employer has violated your rights for a safe working environment, contact your Jones Act attorney today.

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