Jones Act Attorney Settles Claim for Fall Down Oily Steps

MARCH 11, 2012 by Ogletree Abbott

Make Employers Cooperate with a Jones Act Attorney

A Jones Act attorney will make sure that your maritime accident claim is handled correctly and that your employer does not try to cut corners when it comes to your financial compensation.  A Jones Act attorney works injured maritime workers on a daily basis.  He or she has a full understanding of maritime law, as well as how to seek fair compensation. When you hire the services of a Jones Act attorney, you are ensuring the success of your Jones Act case and the cooperation of your employer, with or without the help of a judge and jury.

Seaman Falls Down Slippery Steps and Contacts Jones Act Attorney

N. Rosso was working as an oil rigger on an oil tanker when he needed the services of a knowledgeable Jones Act attorney.  Mr. Rosso was walking down the steps of the oil tanker when he slipped and fell, suffering severe back injuries that required him to miss several months of work, as well as endure months of physical therapy.  Mr. Rosso contacted his Jones Act attorney right away to discuss his Jones Act claim.  The attorney had an investigation launched to discover why Mr. Rosso slipped and fell.  It was uncovered that the steps of the tanker were covered in oil, which is what caused Mr. Rosso to fall.

The Jones Act attorney filed the claim on the basis that unsafe working conditions were provided for Mr. Rosso.  It is the employer’s responsibility to make sure that all conditions are safe for all maritime workers.  Mr. Rosso’s employer was aware of the oil spill on the steps but did not do anything to correct the problem.  Had the oil been cleaned up right away, Mr. Rosso would not have been injured. The employer settled out of court for $475,000.

A Jones Act Attorney Knows What to do for Justices

If you have suffered a maritime injury as a result of a spill or other obvious danger that your employer chose to ignore, you have a right to file a Jones Act claim.  A Jones Act attorney can help you with your claim from beginning to end.  Your attorney will know exactly what you need to do to seek your financial justice. Do not delay in filing your claim for compensation; contact your Jones Act attorney today.

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