Jones Act Attorney Settles Claim for Mississippi Worker with Back Injury

MARCH 7, 2012 by Ogletree Abbott

Call Jones Act Attorney for Unsafe Conditions

If you suffer an accident working as a maritime worker, you need the services of a Jones Act attorney right away.  Maritime workers knowingly take on an element of risk when they take the job on the sea, but those risks can be minimized with the proper precautions.  If your rights have been violated and your employer provided you with unsafe working conditions, you need a Jones Act attorney right away.  Only a Jones Act attorney knows how to file a claim and see it through to the end, ensuring the proper compensation for you.

Slippery Deck Lead to Fall and Jones Act Attorney

L. Frahm, deckhand aboard a Mississippi vessel, severely injured his neck and back in a maritime accident when he required the help of a Jones Act attorney.  Mr. Frahm was working as usual aboard his vessel. An area of the deck had not been given non-slip coating and the seaman was unaware of this fact. As he was walking in the neglected area of the deck, Mr. Frahm slipped and fell, causing a severe injury to his neck and back and requiring him to miss three months of work.

Mr. Frahm’s Jones Act attorney went to work right away investigating why he fell in order to determine who was liable for the accident.  After thorough investigations, it was proven that Mr. Frahm’s employer neglected to provide the proper working conditions and was therefore liable for Mr. Frahm’s accident.  Mr. Frahm’s Jones Act attorney was able to get the employer to settle out of court for $500,000 for the medical expenses and lost wages.

Ensure Financial Success with a Jones Act Attorney

If you are a maritime worker, do not settle for unsafe working conditions.  It is your employer’s responsibility to provide you with a safe working environment.  If you suffer a maritime accident as a result of unsafe working conditions, contact your Jones Act attorney today.  A Jones Act attorney is the best way to ensure financial success in regards to your Jones Act case.

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