Jones Act Attorney Wins Claim for Uneven Deck Injuries

MARCH 10, 2012 by Ogletree Abbott

Hire a Skilled and Professional Jones Act Attorney

When you hire a Jones Act attorney to help you with your claim due to an injury in a maritime accident, you are ensuring that you get the compensation you deserve.  The financial compensation that your case allows is very dependent on the cooperation of your employer in regards to your claim.  Do not leave your compensation to chance; hire a Jones Act attorney to help you with claim right from the beginning.  A Jones Act attorney will handle your claim with skill and professionalism, ensuring that you get what you deserve.

Seaman Suffers Various Injuries and Contacts Jones Act Attorney

M. Stach had been working on the same Texas barge for 11 years when he suffered a maritime injury that left him unable to work for several months.  Mr. Stach was working on reeling a hose in on the deck as he had been ordered.  When he stepped back to reel the hose in further, he lost his footing and fell.  Mr. Stach suffered severe shoulder, neck and back injuries as a result of his fall that required him to seek physical therapy for several months.

Mr. Stach contacted his Jones Act attorney right away because he was concerned about his loss in income.  The Jones Act attorney had the proper investigations done and discovered that the deck that he was working on was uneven and led the seaman to lose his footing and fall down.  The Jones Act attorney filed the claim because Mr. Stach was provided with unsafe working conditions.  After taking the case to court, the judge awarded Mr. Stach with $775,000 because of his employer’s negligence in checking the safety of the work area before requiring Mr. Stach to perform his duties.

Be Compensated for Injuries with a Jones Act Attorney

Employers are required to provide you with a safe place to work when you are a maritime worker.  If you suffer a maritime injury that you feel is due to unsafe working conditions, contact your Jones Act attorney right away.  Your Jones Act attorney will be your best chance at getting the financial compensation that you deserve.

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