Jones Act Attorney Wins Leaky Hose Claim for Texas Seaman

MARCH 8, 2012 by Ogletree Abbott

Hire a Jones Act Attorney Right Away

When you are injured in a maritime accident, hire a Jones Act attorney right away.  Your employer might or might not cooperate in your Jones Act claim, which is why hiring a Jones Act attorney is essential.  Even if your employer seems cooperative, they might try to cut corners, sacrificing some of the compensation that you are entitled to receive.  A Jones Act attorney will make sure that your employer does not cut corners and that they give you the compensation that you need and deserve.

Oil Hose Leaks and Causes Worker to Call Jones Act Attorney

J. Kittelson was working as a deckhand aboard a Texas barge when he suffered a maritime accident.  Mr. Kittelson was in charge of transporting an oil hose from one end of the barge to the other.  The hose that he was required to carry was full of oil and therefore very heavy.  Just when Mr. Kittelson got to the drainage area where he was supposed to put the hose, he deposited the hose and turned to walk away. He slipped on oil that had leaked from the hose, falling hard on the deck.  Mr. Kittelson suffered severe injuries to his back, requiring him to miss several months of work.

Mr. Kittelson needed the services of an experienced Jones Act attorney right away.  Mr. Kittelson knew from experience that his employer always refused cooperation in Jones Act claims, which is why he contacted his attorney immediately.  Mr. Kittelson’s Jones Act attorney took the reins and filed the Jones Act claim for him.  After dealing with Mr. Kittelson’s employer, the Jones Act attorney took the case to court because of the uncooperativeness of the employer. The attorney was able to show that the hose should have been emptied or securely plugged before moving it. Mr. Kittelson was awarded with $650,000 for his injuries.

Avoid being Overwhelmed with a Jones Act Attorney

If your employer is refusing to cooperate in your Jones Act claim, contact your Jones Act attorney right away.  When you are trying to recover from a maritime accident, you can be very overwhelmed and stressed out.  Maritime law is quite confusing and it should only be handled by someone with experience. Do not get overwhelmed; contact your Jones Act attorney today.

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