Jones Act Attorneys Settle Case of Falling Drum Barrel Injury

MARCH 9, 2012 by Ogletree Abbott

Jones Act Attorneys Stand by Their Clients

When you suffer a maritime injury, it can be a scary time, which is why you need the services of Jones Act attorneys by your side.  Any type of injury, regardless of its severity, is scary.  If you have to add the stress of a Jones Act claim on top of your recovery, it could hinder your recovery, causing you to lose even more income.  Utilize the services of Jones Act attorneys to help you navigate the system and get what you deserve.  Jones Act attorneys will be by your side every step of the way, seeing your claim through to the end.

Texas Worker Injures Back and Seeks Help from Jones Act Attorneys

M. Avera was working as a crane operator on a Texas offshore drilling rig when he suffered a severe injury that required the services of his Jones Act attorneys.  While Mr. Avera was working, a 55-gallon drum fell from a pallet and immediately struck him directly in the back.  The 55-gallon drum left him with severe injuries in his lower back and his knees.  Mr. Avera’s injuries required extensive surgeries and extensive time off work.

Mr. Avera contacted his Jones Act attorneys right away to help him navigate his way through his Jones Act claim.  The attorneys uncovered the fact that the 55-gallon drum fell off the pallet because the pallets were not properly stacked in order to ensure the safety of the workers.  Mr. Avera’s injuries could have been prevented if the proper stacking procedures had been followed.  Mr. Avera’s Jones Act attorneys were able to secure a settlement of $750,000 for lost wages and medical expenses.

Get Immediate Assistance from Jones Act Attorneys

If you have suffered a serious injury as a result of equipment or any other material falling on you while you are working as a maritime worker, then you need the services of experienced Jones Act attorneys.  Working conditions for maritime workers are supposed to be safe, with every precaution in place for your protection.  When procedures are not properly followed, you are at risk for a serious accident.  Contact your Jones Act attorneys right away to get the assistance you require.

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