Jones Act Attorneys Win Claim for Life-Altering Injury in Alaska

MARCH 11, 2012 by Ogletree Abbott

You Need a Team of Skilled Jones Act Attorneys

When you have the expertise of a team of Jones Act attorneys by your side, you will have the best chances at having a successful maritime claim.  Whether your employer is cooperating in your claim or they are fighting it, you will want the advice of a team of Jones Act attorneys. Your attorneys will tell you exactly what you should expect and how to go about getting what you deserve.  Only experienced Jones Act attorneys can help you have a successful Jones Act case.

Seaman’s Foot Injury Leads to Jones Act Attorneys

G. Border was working aboard an Alaska fishing vessel when he needed the services of experienced Jones Act attorneys.  Mr. Border was asked to repair the deck hatch on the vessel.  While Mr. Border was repairing the hatch, it rolled over his foot, crushing his foot entirely.  He suffered so many broken bones in his foot that he had to undergo numerous surgeries to repair the damage. Unfortunately, his foot was never fully repaired. Mr. Border was unable to return to his previous employment, leaving him and his family in financial distress.

Mr. Border contacted his Jones Act attorneys immediately after his accident to help with his Jones Act claim.  The attorneys performed their investigations and discovered that the vessel that Mr. Border was working on was operating at high seas when Mr. Border was ordered to repair the deck hatch.  The high seas were the cause of the deck hatch rolling over Mr. Border’s foot, causing his life altering injuries.  The Jones Act attorneys took Mr. Border’s case to court and Mr. Border was awarded with $3.2 million.

Take the First Step and Call Jones Act Attorneys

If you have been involved in a maritime accident that has left you unable to return to your previous work, you need to contact your Jones Act attorneys right away.  A team of attorneys will be able to work together to investigate your case and take it to court, if necessary.  The most important step you can take in a maritime injury is to contact your Jones Act attorneys right away.

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