Jones Act Attorneys Win Claim for Purposeful Negligence

MARCH 7, 2012 by Ogletree Abbott

Stand Strong with Jones Act Attorneys

An experienced team of Jones Act attorneys is the best way to ensure that you get the financial compensation you deserve as a result of your maritime accident.  Jones Act attorneys will help you see your Jones Act claim through from start to finish, taking your case in front of a judge and jury, if necessary.  Some employers try to cut corners when it comes to the Jones Act and maritime claims.  Ensure that your employer does not take advantage of you by hiring Jones Act attorneys today.

Twisted Joke Leads to Injury and Jones Act Attorneys

L. Monn was a maritime employee aboard a fishing vessel when he suffered a maritime injury.  While Mr. Monn was tying the line, the captain that was steering the vessel began driving very erratically.  Mr. Monn was unable to keep his balance on the vessel due to the sharp turns and swerves that the vessel was experiencing, which caused him to fall on his back and injure his spine.  Mr. Monn also suffered three dislocated fingers as a result of trying to brace himself from his fall.

Mr. Monn needed the services of a team of Jones Act attorneys right away, because the captain of his vessel was vehemently denying any claim that Mr. Monn made.  The Jones Act attorneys immediately took Mr. Monn’s case to court in front of a judge and jury to ensure that Mr. Monn got the compensation that he deserved.  The attorneys discovered that the captain had been purposely steering erratically as some sort of joke. After providing the evidence to the court, the jury awarded with Mr. Monn with $855,000 for his injuries.

Don’t be Denied Compensation with Jones Act Attorneys

If you suffered maritime injuries as a result of negligence on the part of your captain, do not be afraid to file a Jones Act claim.  If you hire a team of Jones Act attorneys to help you with your claim, you will get the compensation you deserve.  Your Jones Act attorneys will not allow your employer to cut corners or deny your claim.  Do yourself a favor and contact your Jones Act attorneys today.

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