Jones Act Attorneys Win Heavy Lifting Claim for Texas Worker

MARCH 10, 2012 by Ogletree Abbott

Jones Act Attorneys are Your Best Chance for Success

A team of Jones Act attorneys is the best way to get the help you need when you are injured in a maritime accident.  Jones Act attorneys work with the Jones Act on a daily basis and they will be able to tell you exactly what you should expect from your maritime claim.  Even if your case requires a judge and jury, a team of Jones Act attorneys is your best chance at having a successful case.  Do not delay; contact your Jones Act attorneys today.

Too Many Heavy Boxes Lead to Jones Act Attorneys

C. Boulay was an engineer aboard a Texas vessel when he suffered a maritime accident.  Mr. Boulay was ordered to lift 50 very heavy boxes from one level of the vessel to the other.  When Mr. Boulay asked for help with his duties, he was denied by his employer.  Mr. Boulay did his job as ordered.  After lifting 15 boxes, he began to feel pain in his back.  Mr. Boulay asked to seek medical attention, but his request was again denied.  Mr. Boulay continued his duties but by the time he was done, he was in such severe pain that he was unable to walk.  Medical attention was rushed to Mr. Boulay.  He was diagnosed with several slipped discs in his back that required six months off work.

Mr. Boulay was distraught over his injury and loss of income.  He contacted his Jones Act attorneys right away to help him file a maritime claim.  Mr. Boulay’s Jones Act attorneys filed a maritime claim based on the fact that he was not given the proper amount of help to complete such a heavy-duty job, as well as failure to provide maintenance and cure.  Mr. Boulay’s maritime case went to court and he was awarded with $1.5 million.

Jones Act Attorneys Help Seaman Denied Medical Attention

If you have been injured in a maritime accident and you were denied the privilege to seek medical assistance, contact your Jones Act attorneys right away.  When you are working on a vessel that has you away from home for several weeks at a time, you are entitled to medical attention on the vessel.  If your rights are violated, you need to seek the services of experienced Jones Act attorneys right away.

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