Jones Act Claims Attorney Helps Inexperienced Seaman with Leg Injury

MARCH 4, 2012 by Ogletree Abbott

Hire an Experienced Jones Act Claims Attorney

Jones Act claims attorneys have years of experience with various maritime cases.  If you have suffered a maritime accident, it is not worth the risk to take the case on by yourself.  You might put your financial compensation in jeopardy by taking the case on alone.  Let a knowledgeable Jones Act claims attorney navigate the system for you and get you the compensation that you deserve.  A Jones Act claims attorney knows just what each injury is worth and how to get you fair compensation.

Towboat Accident Leads to Jones Act Claims Attorney

M. Bloomquist was a new deckhand working on a towboat.  He was in charge of attaching an empty barge to the towboat when he was injured.  When Mr. Bloomquist attempted to step from the towboat to the barge to bring them together, his right foot slid out from underneath him and his leg fell between the barge and the towboat.  He suffered a crushed leg when the barge and towboat came together because he was unable to hoist himself out from in between the two.  Mr. Bloomquist was unsure how Jones Act claims worked since he had only been in the maritime industry for six months.  His co-workers advised him to contact a Jones Act claims attorney for immediate help.

Mr. Bloomquist contacted a reputable Jones Act claims attorney to help him file his claim.  The attorney investigated the case and determined that Mr. Bloomquist had a valid case and could file a Jones Act case.  An investigation revealed that lack of communication made it impossible for the barge and towboat operators to know that the seaman had slipped. The Jones Act claims attorney was able to get him awarded with $3.7 million for his injuries and his inability to return to work as a deckhand.

New Workers Need Jones Act Claims Attorneys

If you are a new maritime worker, filing a Jones Act claim can be very overwhelming.  Do not risk losing the financial compensation that you deserve as a result of your maritime accident.  Contact a reputable Jones Act claims attorney right away to help you with your claim and get you the money you deserve.

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