Jones Act Claims Lawyer Wins Trawler Accident Claim

MARCH 9, 2012 by Ogletree Abbott

Get What You Deserve from Jones Act Claims

Jones Act claims attorneys work hard to fight for the rights of injured maritime workers.  While working as a maritime workers has its own risks, it can be a rather safe job when the proper precautions and safety measures are followed.  When you do suffer a maritime injury, it can be due to negligence or unfair working conditions, which entitles you to financial compensation.  When you hire the services of a Jones Act claims attorney you can ensure that you will get the financial compensation that you deserve.

Severe Head Injuries Require Jones Act Claims

H. Rodger suffered such severe injuries in a maritime accident that he was unable to ever return to work.  Mr. Rodger was working aboard a Louisiana factory trawler when he fell through the deck on the factory trawler.  Mr. Rodger suffered traumatic brain injury, as well as a seizure disorder from his fall.  Mr. Rodger’s family contacted a Jones Act claims attorney right away to help them navigate their way through a Jones Act claim for Mr. Rodger.

The investigations into Mr. Rodger’s accident showed that the poor design of the deck grating was what caused Mr. Rodger’s accident.  The Jones Act claims attorney found that there was no record of any inspections ever being performed on the fishing vessel.  Had proper inspections been completed, it would have been discovered that the deck was poorly designed and was at risk for a serious accident.  Mr. Rodger’s Jones Act claims attorney was able to get him awarded with $2.5 million for his injuries.

Win Jones Act Claims with Skilled Attorneys

If you, or a loved one, have experienced traumatic brain injury or other serious injuries as a result of a maritime accident, contact your Jones Act claims attorney right away.  A Jones Act claims attorney will be able to handle your Jones Act claim for you, allowing you to focus on your recovery.  Do not leave your compensation to chance; contact your Jones Act claims attorney right away.

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