Jones Act Lawyer Aids Seaman after Falling Metal Injuries

MARCH 8, 2012 by Ogletree Abbott

Contact a Jones Act Lawyer for Compensation Today

A Jones Act lawyer works every day to fight for the rights of injured maritime workers.  Maritime workers have an element of risk involved in their job, but when the proper precautions are taken, the risks can be minimized and maritime workers can remain safe.  If an accident happens as a result of negligence on the part of the employer, the Jones Act is violated and the accident victim should contact a Jones Act lawyer to get their rightful compensation.  A Jones Act lawyer is your best bet to get what you deserve as a result of your maritime accident.

Worker Calls Jones Act Lawyer after Crane Injury

H. Farnell was injured while working aboard a Texas fishing vessel.  Mr. Farnell had been a maritime worker for the last 20 years and always took the proper precautions to ensure that he was not injured on the job.  He was the sole provider for his family and took his maritime job very seriously.  While working aboard the vessel alongside a crane, the slings on the lift of the crane broke apart as the lift was directly over Mr. Farnell’s head.  As a result, metal pieces began falling all around and on Mr. Farnell.  He suffered two lost fingers and a broken leg from the falling pieces. He also injured his back after he fell when the metal pieces started showering on top of him.

Mr. Farnell contacted his Jones Act Lawyer right away to help him with his maritime case.  The lawyer had the crane inspected and determined that it was faulty before this operation began; yet Mr. Farnell’s employer failed to notice this.  It is the employer’s responsibility to conduct the proper investigations before allowing employees to perform their job to prevent accidents such as this one.  The Jones Act lawyer took the case to court and Mr. Farnell was awarded with $1.9 million.

Take Advantage of Help from a Jones Act Lawyer

If your employer has proven to be negligent by failing to perform proper inspections and you have been injured, you need to contact a Jones Act lawyer right away.  A Jones Act lawyer will conduct the proper investigations and help you to file your Jones Act claim the proper way.  It is to your advantage to contact a Jones Act lawyer right away to help with your maritime case.

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