Jones Act Lawyer Wins Claim for Broken “L” Line Claim

MARCH 10, 2012 by Ogletree Abbott

Make the Call to Your Jones Act Lawyer

If you have suffered an injury working as a maritime worker, you need the knowledgeable services of a Jones Act lawyer.  A Jones Act lawyer will help you with your Jones Act claim right from the beginning and will see it through to the end.  An experienced Jones Act lawyer knows the ins and outs of the Jones Act and knows exactly what needs to be done to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

Seaman Loses Leg and Gets Help from Jones Act Lawyer

P. Cremin was working aboard a tugboat attempting to hook up a barge when he suffered a devastating injury that caused him the loss of his leg.  While Mr. Cremin was attempting to hook up the barge, the “L” line became too taut, which caused it to break and snap back onto his legs.  Mr. Cremin suffered the unfortunate loss of his left leg because the force of the “L” line snapped back so hard and instantly cut his left leg off.  Mr. Cremin also suffered a broken right leg.

Mr. Cremin was in a state of shock after his horrible maritime accident and needed the services of a Jones Act lawyer right away.  His Jones Act lawyer began investigating the case immediately.  Mr. Cremin’s employer denied any responsibility in the accident despite the fact that he witnessed the entire accident.  Upon inspection, the broken line was clearly in need of replacement, making the employer liable for the accident. Mr. Cremin’s Jones Act lawyer took the case in front of a judge and jury and after a 2-week trial, was able to get Mr. Cremin awarded with $1.8 million.

Get Proper Compensation with a Jones Act Lawyer

If you have suffered the loss of a limb due to a maritime accident, consult with a Jones Act lawyer right away.  Employers have a way of trying to cut corners or denying responsibility in maritime accidents.  Do not let your employer get away with your accident; hire the services of a Jones Act lawyer as soon as you experience a maritime accident to make sure you are properly compensated.

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