Jones Act Lawyers Settle Clear-Cut Case for Injured Seaman

MARCH 10, 2012 by Ogletree Abbott

Get Clear Answers with Jones Act Lawyers

When you suffer a maritime injury, it can be very scary, but when you hire the services of Jones Act lawyers, you can relive your fears.  Your Jones Act lawyers will consult with you on your case and figure out exactly why your accident happened.  After having all of the facts, your Jones Act lawyers will be able to advise you on what needs to be done for your claim, as well as how much they think you will get as a result of your accident.

Rough Waters Lead Worker to Call Jones Act Lawyers

D. Tessman was working as a tankerman on a Texas vessel when he suffered a maritime injury.  The vessel that he was working on was tied up to a barge at the time of the accident.  Mr. Tessman’s captain ordered Mr. Tessman to unface the boat during very rough waters so that they could move the vessel next to the barge.  Because the waters were so rough, Mr. Tessman was thrown from his vessel onto the cavel on the barge, hurting his back, as well as breaking his left leg.

Mr. Tessman was traumatized as a result of his injury and needed the services of experienced Jones Act lawyers.  The Jones Act lawyers consulted with Mr. Tessman’s captain regarding the accident to find out what happened.  Mr. Tessman’s captain admitted that he ordered Mr. Tessman to work during unfit weather conditions and that he was at fault for Mr. Tessman’s accident.  Mr. Tessman’s employer settled out of court for $550,000.

Keep Your Compensation Safe with Jones Act Lawyers

When you suffer a maritime accident as a result of unfit working conditions, you need the services of experienced Jones Act lawyers.  Employers are not always as cooperative as Mr. Tessman’s employer, putting your financial compensation at risk.  When you use experienced Jones Act lawyers, you are ensuring that your claim will be handled correctly.  Do not put your compensation at risk; contact your Jones Act lawyers today.

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