Jones Act Lawyers Win Claim for Dangerous Working Conditions

MARCH 8, 2012 by Ogletree Abbott

Be Aggressive with Jones Act Lawyers

Let experienced Jones Act lawyers fight for your rights as a maritime worker when you suffer a work-related injury.  The Jones Act can be confusing and overwhelming, which is why allowing experienced Jones Act lawyers to handle your claim is a smart move to make.  Employers have been known to try to take advantage of employees filing a Jones Act claim.  Make sure this does not happen to you by hiring the services of Jones Act lawyers right away.

Crane Basket Falls and Jones Act Lawyers Called

C. Poirer was working as an electrician on a Texas fishing vessel when he suffered a maritime injury as a result of employer negligence.  Mr. Poirer was constantly required to work near or underneath an operating crane, which he felt was too dangerous – yet his employer consistently required him to work in the dangerous conditions.  On the day of Mr. Poirer’s injury, the crane that was operating right over his head malfunctioned and the crane basket fell on him, resulting in an injured back, as well as torn ligaments in his right knee from falling down.

Mr. Poirer tried reasoning with his employer because he wanted to file his Jones Act claim on his own; however, his employer refused to discuss the situation. Mr. Poirer then contacted Jones Act lawyers to help him get his claim filed and to be the contact point between himself and his employer.  Mr. Poirer’s Jones Act lawyers took the case to court because the employer was so uncooperative.  Mr. Poirer’s employer was found to be at fault since they did not repair the faulty crane, as well as the fact that they forced Mr. Poirer to knowingly work in dangerous conditions.  Mr. Poirer was awarded $950,000 for his injuries.

Call Jones Act Lawyers for Consultation of Your Claim

If you have been required to work in unfit conditions in your maritime employment, contact your Jones Act lawyers right away.  The Jones Act makes it very clear that working conditions for maritime employees need to be safe in order to prevent an accident.  When an accident does occur, your Jones Act lawyers will be able to get you the compensation that you deserve.  Do not delay; contact your Jones Act lawyers right away.

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