Jones Act Settlements Lawyer Wins Claim for Captain’s Severe Arm Injury

MARCH 9, 2012 by Ogletree Abbott

Ensure Successful Jones Act Settlements with a Lawyer

Maritime accidents can be very confusing, which is why hiring an attorney that specializes in Jones Act settlements is the best way to ensure the success of your claim.  Jones Act settlements attorneys will take over the filing of your claim, as well as any work that comes along with your claim.  Whether your case is open and shut or requires a judge and jury, a Jones Act settlements attorney is your best chance at a successful maritime claim.

Helpful Captain Needs Jones Act Settlements Lawyer

G. Gaspie was the captain of a  New England barge when he suffered a maritime claim. Mr. Gaspie’s crew needed some extra help, so he helped them unload the contents of a crane onto his barge.  While Mr. Gaspie was unloading, he lost his balance and fell onto the barge, suffering compound fractures in his arm.  Mr. Gaspie sought immediate medical attention and he was forced to stay off work as a captain for five months while his arm healed.

Mr. Gaspie contacted his Jones Act settlements attorney right away to help him file his Jones Act claim.  Mr. Gaspie was concerned that his claim would be denied since he was doing a job that he was not required to do.  Mr. Gaspie’s Jones Act settlements attorney investigated the case and determined that Mr. Gaspie fell because the contents that were being unloaded were stacked unevenly.  If the contents were stacked according to procedure, Mr. Gaspie’s accident could have been prevented. The case settled out of court for $975,000.

Call Jones Act Settlements Lawyers after Maritime Accidents

If you have suffered a maritime accident that is a result of improper procedure, contact your Jones Act settlements attorney right away.  A Jones Act settlements attorney will be able to navigate your claim for you, making it a very simple process for you while you focus on your recovery.  If you have been injured, do not wait; contact your Jones Act settlements attorney right away.

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