Jones Act Settlements Lawyer Wins Claim for Unsafe Equipment Injury

MARCH 11, 2012 by Ogletree Abbott

Be Prepared for Jones Act Settlements with a Skilled Lawyer

Jones Act settlements lawyers work hard to protect the rights of maritime workers.  It is the job of Jones Act settlements lawyers to know the ins and outs of maritime law and to ensure that accident victims get the financial compensation that they deserve.  When a maritime accident happens to you, make sure that you are prepared by having a Jones Act settlements lawyer handle your case from beginning to end.

Jones Act Settlements Lawyer Helps Seaman with Missing Hand

J. Rigio was working aboard a Maine crab boat as a deckhand when he suffered severe maritime injuries.  Forced to work alone, Mr. Rigio was in charge of the fish header machine.  While working on the machine, Mr. Rigio’s hand got a little too close to the machine and his fingers became trapped.  Since he was alone, there was no one around to turn the machine off so he could get his hand free.  Mr. Rigio screamed for help, but by the time help arrived it was too late.  He lost most of his hand as a result of his accident.

Mr. Rigio was unable to return to his work as a crab boat deckhand and desperately needed the services of a Jones Act lawyer.  Mr. Rigio’s Jones Act settlements lawyer filed a claim right away for the injured seaman.  After initial investigations, the Jones Act settlements lawyer discovered that the fish header machine did not have an automatic shut off safety switch to prevent injuries.  Had there been a safety in place, Mr. Rigio might have been able to save his hand.  The Jones Act settlements lawyer took the case to court and Mr. Rigio was awarded with $1.7 million.

Get Jones Act Settlements for Loss of Hands

If you have lost a hand in a maritime accident as a result of faulty equipment, it is important to contact a Jones Act settlements lawyer right away.  Fighting for the rights of maritime workers on an everyday basis, a Jones Act settlements lawyer will make sure that you get the financial compensation that you maritime accident entitles you to receive.

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