Jones Act Settlements Lawyer Wins Frostbite Claim

MARCH 6, 2012 by Ogletree Abbott

Trust Your Jones Act Settlements Lawyer

Jones Act settlements lawyers work hard for the rights of maritime workers each and every day.  If you are being treated unfairly or are forced to work in unsafe working conditions, you need the services of a Jones Act settlements lawyer right away to help you fight for your rights.  A Jones Act settlements lawyer knows just how handle your maritime claim. You can trust that you will get the financial compensation that you deserve with an attorney on your side.

Loss of Toes Leads to Jones Act Settlements Attorney

L. Shawn was working aboard an Alaska factory trawler when he needed the services of a Jones Act settlements attorney.  Mr. Shawn was ordered to work in the vessel hold – where it was extremely cold and the conditions were unfit for a maritime worker.  Mr. Shawn was in the vessel hold for 10 hours and he suffered severe frostbite.  There were no medical personnel aboard the trawler, so Mr. Shawn was stuck waiting for medical attention for three days before they reached land. Mr. Shawn lost six toes as a result of the frostbite.

Mr. Shawn contacted his Jones Act settlements attorney right away because he was concerned that his employer would deny his claim.  The attorney went to work investigating Mr. Shawn’s claims that there was no medical attention available for him.  The attorney took several statements from other workers that knew the situation. When the Jones Act settlements attorney had the proof, he took Mr. Shawn’s case to court.  Mr. Shawn was awarded with $1 million for his injuries and lost wages.

Get Jones Act Settlements for Amputation Cases

If you or a loved one has suffered frostbite or an amputation as a result of a maritime accident, you need the services of a Jones Act settlements attorney right away.  If your employer denies any claim like Mr. Shawn’s employer did, then you need professional help with your claim.  Your Jones Act settlements attorney will be able to handle your claim, as well as make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

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