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Let Your Jones Act Lawyer Argue for Your Right to Compensation

When you need a Jones Act lawyer, you need experience and skill. Your Jones Act lawyer is your voice in the courtroom – someone to argue for your right to compensation. After an injury, your employer might try to convince you to settle without an attorney present. This is a mistake and one that you should avoid. Never sign any papers or make any agreements without consulting with a Jones Act lawyer first. This is your future at stake – you need the best attorney you can get to fight for your rights and get you the money you deserve for your injuries.

Jones Act Lawyer Helps Louisiana Seaman with Multiple Injuries

H. Tillman, a Louisiana seaman, was recently involved in a case that required the help of a Jones Act lawyer. Mr. Tillman was working aboard a vessel as a deckhand. Given the task of retrieving a line, Mr. Tillman wasted no time in trying to complete his job. However, the seas were quite rough on this day and as Mr. Tillman struggled with the heavy, wet line, he lost his balance. He fell overboard into the rough seas. After about ten minutes in the water, Mr. Tillman was rescued. He suffered various injuries from the fall, including a dislocated shoulder and a broken arm. Mr. Tillman contacted a Jones Act lawyer for help with his case.

The Jones Act lawyer filed a claim against the employer. It was a clear case of negligence and an unsafe working environment. Mr. Tillman should not have been retrieving the heavy line alone. He should have had mechanical assistance or, at the very least, another deckhand to help. The employer provided neither of these things and that negligence led to the fall and injuries. Mr. Tillman’s Jones Act lawyer was able to negotiate a settlement of $600,000 for medical expenses and lost wages.

You Have the Right to a Jones Act Lawyer

If you have ever been injured after falling overboard, contact a Jones Act lawyer for advice. You have the right to seek compensation for any work-related injuries. Even if your employer tries to convince you otherwise, always seek the advice of a qualified attorney. Your Jones Act lawyer will help you file your claim and get the money you deserve for your lost wages and medical expenses.

Let Your Jones Act Attorney Work for You

Your Jones Act attorney does not work for your employer – he or she works only for you.  When you file a claim against your employer because of a work-related accident, your employer will waste no time in preparing a defense.  This is why you need a Jones Act attorney – to prepare your case and to make it strong.  Your employer will have some of the best attorneys working for him – you deserve the best, too. Retain the services of an experienced Jones Act attorney and watch your lawyer work his magic in the courtroom.  You have the right to compensation and your attorney will help you get it.

Jones Act Attorney Helps Louisiana Seaman Get Fair Settlement

L. Howard, a Louisiana deckhand, was experienced at his job.  He had been working aboard the same vessel for two years.  He knew what he was doing and he always tried to be safe on the job.  On a hot, summer day, Mr. Howard was busy moving equipment on the vessel when he slipped and fell.  The fall left Mr. Howard with back and neck injuries.  His back injury was so severe that he needed surgery.  With the help of a Jones Act attorney, Mr. Howard filed a claim against his employer.  His Jones Act attorney knew that the accident could have been avoided and was prepared to prove it.

Mr. Howard’s Jones Act attorney had uncovered an interesting fact during the accident investigation.  The deck of the vessel did not meet standard safety regulations.  Certain parts of the deck were supposed to be covered in a slip-resistant covering.  The employer had failed to maintain this covering and that led to Mr. Howard’s fall.  The employer decided to avoid an expensive trial by negotiating with Mr. Howard’s Jones Act attorney.  The final settlement amount was for $500,000.

Hire a Jones Act Attorney Today

When you suffer a slip and fall aboard a vessel, you may need the services of a Jones Act attorney.  Depending on the circumstances surrounding your accident, you could be entitled to compensation.  Let your Jones Act attorney file your claim and get you the money you deserve.  Instead of blindly trusting your employer, hire a Jones Act attorney to help you garner a fair settlement or award.

Get Serious with a Jones Act Attorney

You may not think that you will ever need a Jones Act attorney. The truth is that if you are ever injured at sea, a Jones Act attorney is exactly what you need. When you hire a Jones Act attorney, you are hiring someone to be on your side, someone who works for you and will help you seek fair compensation. You can try to trust your employer to be fair – but in most cases, you will not get the money you deserve. By hiring a lawyer, you are letting your employer know that you are serious about the accident and serious about compensation. Make your employer take you seriously by hiring your own Jones Act attorney.

Texas Captain Hires Jones Act Attorney

H. Samuel was a captain aboard a Texas fishing vessel when he discovered the importance of hiring a Jones Act attorney. Mr. Samuel had been the captain of the vessel for several years. He never expected to be hurt on the job. The day of his accident, Mr. Samuel was attempting to climb a ladder to put away some equipment. He noticed that the ladder was old – it was not the ladder he normally used for such tasks. However, he had other things to do, so he stepped on the ladder to finish his task. After only a few steps up, one of the rungs broke and Mr. Samuel fell backward on top of several pieces of equipment. The fall left him with a neck injury that was quite painful. During his extensive recovery time, Mr. Samuel contacted a Jones Act attorney for advice.

The Jones Act attorney determined that Mr. Samuel had a claim to file. The claim stated that the employer was negligent and had failed to provide Mr. Samuel with a safe working environment. The ladder should have been removed from the vessel because it did not meet safety standards. The employer did not even attempt to fight the claim. Mr. Samuel’s Jones Act attorney quickly negotiated a settlement of over $400,000 for the injured captain.

Let a Jones Act Attorney Get You the Money You Deserve

If you, or someone you know, have been hurt in a Jones Act accident, contact a Jones Act attorney for legal advice. You may or may not have a claim on your hands, but only a qualified lawyer can tell you with certainty. Do not let your employer get away with negligent actions. Let a Jones Act attorney show your employer that you mean business and help you get the money you deserve.

Ensure a Fair Settlement with a Jones Act Lawyer

A Jones Act lawyer understands that maritime accidents happen every day. They are educated in maritime law and work hard to garner their clients’ fair settlements and awards. If you are injured in the maritime industry and you do not have a lawyer, you will get less than you deserve. You need an experienced Jones Act lawyer to present a solid, fact-filled case that will help you get fair compensation for your injuries. You can trust your employer to be fair – and wind up with nothing. Or, you can retain a qualified lawyer to ensure that your employer is fair.

Louisiana Man Hires a Jones Act Lawyer

A seaman from Leesville, Louisiana was involved in a recent claim against his employer. M. Parker was working aboard a vessel as a deckhand. Mr. Parker was performing various tasks aboard the vessel when the straps holding a piece of equipment in place broke. The equipment fell on Mr. Parker’s hand, crushing it. The injury required multiple surgeries and Mr. Parker never regained full use of his hand. With the help of a Jones Act lawyer, he filed a claim of negligence against his employer. The Jones Act lawyer presented evidence that demonstrated the unsafe working environment.

The employer was less than willing to negotiate a settlement. The employer did not want to admit that the environment was unsafe. However, Mr. Parker’s Jones Act lawyer showed that the straps were worn and should have been replaced. The employer had an obligation to inspect these types of things and make sure they were safe. Because the employer failed to do this, Mr. Parker lost the full use of his hand. Mr. Parker’s Jones Act lawyer convinced the employer to negotiate a settlement in the amount of $3 million for lost wages, future lost wages, and medical expenses.

Contact an Experience Jones Act Lawyer Today!

If you, or someone you know, have been hurt in a maritime accident, talk to a Jones Act lawyer as soon as you can. You may not think you are entitled to compensation, but you will never know unless you get the advice of a lawyer. Your Jones Act lawyer will help you determine if you have a claim. If you do have a claim, your Jones Act lawyer will fight for your compensation until you have the financial justice you deserve.


Hurt On The Job?
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If you are in need of a Jones Act lawyer, chances are that you have been hurt on the job and your employer is being less than helpful. A Jones Act lawyer is the best way to show your employer that you are serious about financial compensation. While there are employers out there that will be fair and compensate you accordingly, they are few and far between. Most injured seamen end up having to hire a lawyer to help them seek fair compensation. If you find yourself in this position, contact an experienced Jones Act lawyer for advice and help.

Deckhand Injured and Hires a Jones Act Lawyer

E. Madgar, a deckhand aboard a commercial fishing vessel, had to seek help from a Jones Act lawyer after he suffered a work-related injury. Mr. Madgar was attempting to pull in a large, heavy net. He was not offered any assistance in this task – he was only ordered to pull the net in as quickly as possible. As Mr. Madgar tried to haul in the wet net, he wrenched his back. The pain was severe and left Mr. Madgar unable to continue working. He had to seek immediate medical care for the injury. Mr. Madgar’s employer tried to persuade him to sign various documents during his recovery. However, Mr. Madgar chose to consult with a Jones Act lawyer before signing anything.

$1.4 million Settlement Awarded Thanks to Jones Act Lawyer

Jones Act LawyerMr. Madgar made the right decision in seeking advice from a Jones Act lawyer. His lawyer advised him not to sign anything and a claim was soon filed against the employer. Mr. Madgar’s Jones Act lawyer argued that the employer should have provided Mr. Madgar with assistance in lifting the waterlogged, heavy net. The lack of help led to the back injury. Mr. Madgar’s employer could not deny responsibility for the injury and a settlement was negotiated. Mr. Madgar’s Jones Act lawyer acquired a settlement of almost $1.4 million.
If you have been hurt because your employer failed to provide you with needed assistance, contact a Jones Act lawyer for advice. As a seaman, you have the right to a safe working environment. This includes help with heavy lifting. Let your Jones Act lawyer help you seek fair compensation for any injuries you suffered due to your employer negligence.

Jones Act Lawyers and Maritime Accidents

Jones Act Lawyers are here to help those in need. The next time you, or someone you know, suffers an injury while working aboard a vessel, keep in mind that you have rights under the Jones Act. Jones Act injuries happen all of the time and many of these unfortunate incidents wind up in court. Why? They wind up in court because injured employees stand up for their rights, including the right to certain forms of compensation. Maritime law protects workers by giving them the right to hire a Jones Act lawyer. Qualified Jones Act lawyers can help you make the choice to file a claim. So, if you are hurt on the job, exercise your rights and contact a Jones Act lawyer for advice.

Jones Act Lawyers Represent Everyone

While many Jones Act claims involve seaman, including fisherman and deckhands, the Jones Act covers other maritime workers. In a recent case, the injured party was a rescue diver. The diver had to jump from a helicopter in an attempt to perform a rescue. With no harness available for the jump, the diver had two choices – avoid the jump and leave the party in need to the waters or dive in without a safety harness. The rescue diver made the only choice he could make – he dove into the water and performed a daring rescue.

Jones Act Lawyers Represent Rescue Diver

Jones Act Lawyers – From Injury to Settlement

Unfortunately for the diver, being a hero was not without its price. The diver suffered a severe back injury from the jump out of the helicopter and into the rough waters. The injured man went to an admiralty law attorney and discussed his accident. The Jones Act Lawyer wasted no time in filing a claim on behalf of the injured diver. The claim cited unsafe working conditions and negligence because the diver did not have a safety harness to wear for the rescue. The Jones Act accident could have been avoided if the proper equipment had been provided. The case settled out of court for $1,050,000.

Regardless of what part of the maritime industry you work in, if you are hurt in a Jones Act accident, you need an attorney. Your Jones Act lawyer will fight for you in court, fearless and aggressive, never afraid to face your employer’s top-notch attorneys. If you want financial justice for you injuries, contact a law firm with reputable Jones Act Lawyers as soon as possible.

Maritime accidents leave many seamen without a means of supporting themselves or their families. When a seaman is hurt in a maritime accident, he or she needs to seek the counsel of an experienced maritime attorney. The reason injured seamen need legal counsel is because they could have a claim against their employer. While this may not be the route they want to take, sometimes it is the only route available. Employers are not always understanding and supportive about paying lost wages and medical expenses. Maritime attorneys can help seamen get the financial compensation they need to survive.

When you work in the maritime industry, there are many times when you will depend on others to keep you safe. Maritime workers are a team when they are aboard a vessel. They must work together and follow safety rules to ensure that everyone is safe. When another worker fails to perform their duties right, it could lead to a maritime accident. One seaman was injured when another worker failed to do his job right. The seaman was working on a ladder while another crewmember was holding the ladder from below. The crewmember neglected to hold the ladder with a firm grip and the seaman on top fell off. The fall led to a fractured vertebra in the seaman’s back.

The painful injury left the seaman unable to work for quite some time. The worker sought the advice of a maritime attorney and a claim was filed. The employer did not attempt to go to trial – he knew that he was partially responsible for the accident because it was his employee that failed to adhere to the safety rules.
The maritime claim settled out of court for $775,000. The seaman now has the money to pay for his various medical expenses and to make up for the lost wages he suffered when he was unable to work.

When you are hurt in a maritime accident, the first call should be to an attorney. You deserve compensation for injuries, medical expenses and lost wages. Your employer has an obligation to you and an experience maritime attorney can help ensure that your employer meets that obligation. Do not take a risk with your financial future – let an experienced lawyer secure the compensation you need and deserve.

Sometimes, the only choice you have after a maritime accident is to seek legal counsel. Maritime law firms specialize in maritime law and will advise you on your rights and options. You may have to file a maritime claim against your employer to force financial compensation. After all, if your injury led to lost wages, medical expenses or permanent disability, you deserve to be compensated for these things. A Jones Act lawyer will assist you in seeking that compensation in court. Your attorney understands maritime law and will work hard to ensure your success in the court system.

A 63-year old seaman was employed on a barge in the Gulf of Mexico. As the seaman was being transferred from a tugboat to the barge in a crane basket, trouble struck. The basket became tangled up in equipment on the barge. The operator of the crane could not see the basket or the tangled situation. The operator kept lifting the basket up. Eventually, the basket broke loose from the tangled mess and when it did, it abruptly jerked upward. The motion was so intense that it threw the seaman right out of the basket and onto the deck below. The worker suffered various injuries to his back and ribs from the twenty-foot drop.
Like many other seaman before him, the worker went to an attorney that specialized in maritime accidents. A claim was filed against his employer. The worker’s injuries were not life-threatening and he was able to eventually return to work. The claim was resolved quickly and with minimal hassle. The employer settled out of court for $250,000. Even though this is not a terribly large amount, it was enough to cover medical expenses and lost wages. The seaman’s attorney worked hard to achieve a settlement that was fair and reasonable for the injuries.
If you, or someone you know, are in a similar situation, contact a maritime attorney for advice. Your injuries do not have to be severe or debilitating to require compensation. You do not have to be unable to work to qualify for compensation. If you are injured in a maritime accident, an attorney can and will help you seek a fair and just award or settlement.


When you are injured on the job in the maritime industry, you need to seek the advice of a maritime attorney. It does not matter if your injury is minor or not – you should still consult with an attorney for advice. You could be entitled to a variety of compensations, including lost wages, future lost wages, medical expenses, and future medical expenses. A qualified attorney will know what to do to ensure that you get the money you deserve. A qualified maritime attorney is not afraid to fight for your rights, even if it means going to trial and arguing your case in front of a jury.
One seaman hired a qualified maritime attorney to assist him after a maritime accident. The seaman was injured when he was walking on a dock. There was an opening on the dock that was not marked so the seaman did not see it. He fell into the unmarked opening and hurt his knee. The knee injury was so severe that he required surgery. Even after the surgery, he was left unable to return to work in the maritime industry. The seaman contacted a maritime law firm for advice about his situation.
After careful evaluation of the maritime accident and the resulting injury, the attorney confirmed what the seaman thought – a maritime claim was needed. The claim was filed against the owner of the dock for failure to safely mark the opening on the dock. This dangerous situation was a ticking time bomb, just waiting for someone to fall. Had the opening been properly labeled, the seaman would not have fallen and he would still be able to work in his chosen profession. The negligence of the dock owner led to the seaman losing the only livelihood that he knew.
Thanks to the skill and expertise of his maritime attorney, the seaman’s case was settled quickly and out of court. The final settlement was for $500,000. With this money, the seaman is able to provide for his living expenses and medical expenses while he attempts to find another means of earning an income. If you, or someone you know, have suffered a maritime accident and injury, contact an attorney for advice. You, too, could be entitled to compensation and you need an attorney that is willing to go the distance to ensure that you receive a fair settlement.


If you are employed in the maritime industry, it is a good idea to have an understanding of your rights. The reason you need to understand your rights is that you could be involved in a maritime accident in the future. If this happens, you have certain rights under maritime law. One of these rights is the right to separate legal representation from your employer. You have the right to your own attorney and you should exercise this right. A maritime attorney is going to work hard to help you get the financial compensation you need for your injuries. Choose your maritime accident attorney carefully and you will not be disappointed.
One seaman was not disappointed with his choice of a maritime attorney. When Robert Chandler was injured in a maritime accident, he decided to hire an experienced attorney to help him. The maritime accident happened when Chandler was forced to dock his vessel because a line was tangled in the engine. A diver was called to untangle the line. As Chandler was trying to cross from the dock back aboard the vessel, he slipped and fell backwards. Landing on the dock, he broke his neck. The seaman later had to have surgery to fuse the broken bones back together.
Chandler knew he had to find a qualified maritime attorney when his employer tried to blame him for the accident. With the help of a reputable law firm, the seaman filed a claim and the investigation began. His attorney was able to show that the dock was unsafe because it was very slippery. The employer was negligent in forcing Chandler to dock his vessel in a spot designed for bigger vessels. This size difference made the stretch from the dock to the vessel much larger. Chandler’s employer settled the case for $400,000.
Chandler, like many other seamen, trusted his instincts and hired his own attorney. Any time you are injured in a maritime accident, you should consult with an attorney, especially if your employer is denying responsibility. Take control of your case and let a qualified maritime attorney at the Ogletree Abbott Law Firm handle your claim. Contact us today for a free consultation.