Maritime Attorney

Before working in the maritime industry, it is a good idea to understand the risks. While there are many areas of the industry that pose little risk to your safety, many areas pose a high risk. For instance, if you are a deckhand aboard a fishing or crabbing vessel, you can expect wet surfaces creating potentially dangerous environments. You should not let possible risks deter you from taking a job in the maritime industry. Standard safety rules and regulations will help lower the day-to-day risks. However, it is always a good idea to know your rights in case you are a victim of a maritime accident.

Two workers were recently involved in a maritime accident on an offshore oilrig. The two men were assigned the task of painting the offshore rig. While the workers were doing their job, the staging they were on collapsed. Both men suffered severe back injuries from their fall. A water-blasting gun also lacerated both men during the fall. The two workers sought the advice of an experienced maritime law firm. A maritime accident claim was filed against their employer. It was discovered that the staging had a frayed line. This frayed line broke and caused the staging to collapse. It was also discovered that the water-blasting gun was defective. The high-powered sprayer should have stopped spraying when it fell.

Both of these defective pieces of equipment led to the back injuries and lacerations. The experienced maritime attorneys representing the workers did an excellent job of proving their claim. The employer settled the claim with both men. Without the maritime law experience of their attorneys, the workers may not have received a settlement at all.

This case clearly demonstrates two things: the need for stringent safety policies and the need for legal assistance. If better safety policies had been in place, the defective equipment could have been discovered before it led to the maritime accident. The experienced legal advice and work performed by the injured workers’ attorneys led to a successful claim and settlement. If you, or someone you know, have been injured in the maritime industry, contact an attorney to discuss your case. You, too, could be entitled to compensation.


The maritime industry employs thousands, if not millions, of people. Working in this industry often means that some of the regular rules do not apply to you. For instance, if you get hurt aboard a vessel, the Jones Act is the law that will provide for your financial compensation. Maritime accidents that require the filing of a maritime claim need an experienced legal team. If you try to negotiate your own terms with your employer, chances are that you are not going to come out on top. Your employer will have his or her own attorney. You need an experienced maritime attorney, too.

Recently, a deckhand was involved in a maritime accident aboard a vessel. The deckhand was working aboard a vessel and given the task of carrying a hose from one area to another. The area he was carrying the hose to was a containment area and he was told to drain the hose into the area. The hose was full of oil. As the deckhand was carrying this large, heavy hose, the hose broke. The oil spilled and the deckhand slipped and fell. The fall caused a severe, lower back injury.

The deckhand knew that he needed legal advice. He was unsure if he even had a maritime claim against his employer. He sought the advice of a maritime attorney and got the answers he needed. He did, indeed, have grounds for a claim and his attorney wasted no time in the filing process. The attorney argued that the deckhand should have had assistance in carrying the cumbersome hose. The maritime accident could have been avoided if the seaman had help. Instead, he was forced to maneuver the hose alone, causing it to break and leading to his fall.

The employer settled the claim for $350,000, along with the promise to pay for future surgeries. The injured deckhand no longer has to worry about his medical costs, thanks to the experience and talent of his maritime accident attorney. If you, or someone you know, have suffered any type of maritime-related injury, you have the right to your own attorney. Instead of dealing with your medical expenses on your own, let your attorney get you the money you need to pay your expenses.


Maritime accidents can happen very quickly and with little or no warning. It only takes a split second for a piece of equipment to fail or to slip on a slick surface. When this happens, injuries often follow. Common maritime accident injuries are back, neck and shoulder injuries. These can occur due to many causes, but slips and falls are likely causes. If you have ever been severely injured as a maritime worker, you may have filed a maritime claim. Depending on the circumstances of your case and the skill of your attorney, you probably received financial compensation. Financial compensation for a maritime accident is the responsibility of your employer. If you did not receive any compensation, chances are that you did not hire a maritime accident attorney to handle your case.

One seaman experienced a split-second accident and, as a result, suffered severe injuries. The seaman was given the task of handling a mooring line. His immediate supervisor was nearby and gave the seaman instructions. Suddenly, the line split and struck the seaman in the legs. His legs shattered and he fell on the deck, causing a skull fracture and bleeding of the brain. A maritime claim resulted from this horrible accident. The maritime attorneys in this case discovered several key facts, including the fact that the equipment the seaman was using was not appropriate for the task. It caused too much strain on the mooring line, making it split.

The severe injuries did not kill the seaman, but he did have a long road of recovery ahead of him. He deserved compensation for his lost wages and medical expenses. Negotiations began between the injured seaman and his employer. The skillful tactics of the maritime accident attorneys were successful. The defendant could not argue with the fact that the equipment was not appropriate. The defendant settled with the seaman for $1.5 million.

Without the experience and skill of the maritime accident attorneys, this injured seaman most likely would have had to settle for a much lower offer. However, the seaman did the right thing and hired an attorney that worked hard to get a fair settlement. If you, or someone you know, have been hurt in a split-second, maritime accident, let an experienced lawyer help you get the settlement you deserve.


An accident in the maritime industry is not an uncommon occurrence. As with all industries, there are risks when working aboard vessels or on docks and piers. Thousands of maritime workers are injured each year in a work-related accident. While many of these injuries are simple, many of them are also severe. The severe injuries are the ones that employers are most concerned with because a severe injury often means a maritime claim. Maritime attorneys are skilled at what they do – their job is to acquire a fair settlement or judgment for their client. Maritime law firms work for the client, not the employer. Any maritime worker injured on the job should contact an experienced maritime attorney ASAP for advice and help with their claim.

Offshore workers comprise a large portion of the maritime industry. Some of these workers work regular hours, home every night. Other workers are gone for days or weeks at a time before returning home. Accidents and injuries do not discriminate against offshore workers. These workers suffer many injuries every year. A recent maritime claim involved a maritime worker that fell down a flight of stairs. He was working on an oilrig platform at the time and when he tried to go down the stairs, he slipped. The fall resulted in an injury that ultimately required three surgeries to repair.

The worker hired an experienced maritime attorney to handle his claim against his employer. The maritime attorney was able to show that the stairway had no slip-protection and the handrail was not compliant with industry-standard regulations. These factors led to the worker’s fall and injury. The employer settled three weeks before trial for $770,000.

If you, or someone you know, work in the maritime industry, it is wise to have a maritime attorney in your address book. Accidents happen when you least expect them and you need an experienced maritime law firm to handle your potential claim.


When dealing with maritime injuries and Jones Act claims, there is never a definitive timeline.  For some injured workers, settlements are reached quickly and with little hassle.  For others, usually the more complex cases, the timeline can be longer.  With an experienced maritime lawyer handling your case, you can rest assured that your case will be over as swiftly as possible.  A maritime case that started in 2008 is one example of the varying timelines when it comes to maritime injuries.

A Texas refinery worker was burned over 25% of his body when a flash fire erupted.  The fire happened when hot oil ignited and since the worker was on a platform, he was unable to escape the fire.  The worker knew he had a maritime case that needed professional legal counsel.  He hired a maritime law firm that took control of his case and filed a claim against ExxonMobil.  The maritime attorney argued that the oil should have been transported in an enclosed pipe since it was a fire risk.

While this case did have to go to trial, the arguments for the plaintiff were strong and compelling.  The dedication of the maritime law firm in this case resulted in an award of $2.4 million for the plaintiff. When a maritime attorney is educated in the law and works aggressively for his or her client, the outcome is that much more likely to be positive.  Whether you have a claim that is settled quickly or one that requires more effort, your maritime lawyer should approach the case with compassion and aggression.

If you, or someone you know, have been injured in the maritime industry, consult with an attorney as soon as you can.  When you need a maritime attorney to handle your Jones Act claim or other maritime law claim, do not be hasty in your choice.  Collaborate with experienced lawyers that will always have your best interests at heart.