Injured Captain Needs Jones Act Houston, Texas Claim

L. Chese was the captain on a Texas vessel when he suffered severe injuries in March 2010. Mr.
Chese was piloting the vessel when he was injured, resulting in the need to file a Jones Act Houston,
Texas claim. Mr. Chese needed to file the Jones Act Houston, Texas claim because the captain’s chair
overturned due to the rough seas at the time of his accident. A Jones Act Houston, Texas claim was the
only way to ensure that Mr. Chese was compensated for his injuries. The fall that he experienced was
quite violent – he hit his head and lost consciousness. Mr. Chese was airlifted to the nearest hospital.

Jones Act Houston, Texas Attorneys Prepare Case

Mr. Chese was seen by a specialist and diagnosed with a herniated disc in the cervical spine. Mr. Chese
required a one level fusion to repair the damage. He was nervous about the surgery and how it would
affect his ability to work in the future, but his attorneys assured him that they would handle his Jones
Act Houston, Texas claim for him. Mr. Chese underwent the surgery and his attorneys went to work on
his Jones Act Houston, Texas claim. The first step the attorneys took was to perform an investigation
into the reason that the captain’s chair was able to overturn. The attorneys knew that it was a violation
of the Jones Act Houston, Texas for employers to provide an unsafe workplace for Jones Act Houston,
Texas workers.

While the investigation was underway, the Jones Act Houston, Texas attorneys attempted to work
with Mr. Chese’s employer on a settlement. His employer was very uncooperative, refusing to take
any blame in the accident, which forced the Jones Act Houston, Texas attorneys to file a claim with
the court. The court date was set for a few months down the road, which gave the Jones Act Houston,
Texas attorneys a little more time to form a solid case. The attorneys had their case ready in a few short
weeks, with Mr. Chese’s doctors prepared to testify on his condition. Independent doctors were going to
testify on the degree of Mr. Chese’s injuries, as well as how long he would be unable to work.

Jones Act Houston, Texas Lawyers Successful

The court case began and the Jones Act Houston, Texas attorneys did not waste any time presenting
strong evidence. The attorneys were able to show that the captain’s chair had been loose for the last
several months – to the knowledge of the employer; they just neglected to do anything about it. The
Jones Act Houston, Texas attorneys, along with the doctors, proved that Mr. Chese’s injuries were
severe enough for him to miss six months of work. Had the captain’s chair been fixed, his injuries could
have been prevented. At the end of the three-week trial, Mr. Chese was awarded with an undisclosed
amount to cover his medical bills, pain and suffering and missed wages.