Illnesses Are Compensable Injuries Under the Jones Act

Illnesses Are Compensable Injuries Under the Jones Act

Prior to the Supreme Court’s decision in Sentilles v. Inter-Caribbean Shipping Corp., 361 U.S. 107 (1959), the question of whether an illness could be compensated for under the Jones Act was left unanswered. In this case, a seaman had become ill with tuberculosis after his vessel pitched into the air and a wave washed him a considerable distance along the deck.

It was determined by a jury that the ship accident had caused the seaman to develop a severe case of tuberculosis. The ship owner appealed the case several times until it reached the Supreme Court. The owner argued that an illness was not an “injury” that was covered under the Jones Act. The Supreme Court disagreed with the ship owner.

Texas Jones Act lawyers understand that illnesses can occur in conjunction with a separate injury that is received on a vessel or due to the environmental conditions of the vessel itself. If you have become seriously ill while working on a vessel, you should contact Texas Jones Act lawyers to assess your case.

Texas Jones Act lawyers may be able to file a claim on your behalf under the Jones Act. Texas Jones Act lawyers are aware of the arguments that are routinely made by maritime employers in an attempt to avoid paying compensation to an injured seaman. Contact the Texas Jones Act lawyers in your area to secure your right to compensation under the law.

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