Job Protection

Job Protection under the Jones Act

The Jones Act became an important part of legislation in 1920. The Jones Act protects those who work at sea and because there are so many details to cover in this act there are several different clauses attached.

When someone was injured out at sea it was sometimes impossible to receive the medical treatment they needed. Then there would be the mounting medical bills and the loss of wages at work. All of these expenses were leaving seamen constantly worrying about injuries and if their jobs would be protected.

There were concerns regarding the health of Merchant Marines as well as sailors. When someone was injured while working out to sea it became a concern because sometimes emergency care was delayed until they could reach land. There was hardly any assistance while the injured recovered from their injuries and were not able to work. There were dangers in working out to sea. It was important that seamen were trained in their field in order to provide a safe work area for everyone. A system that provided benefits and job protection was established and called the Jones Act.

When an injury occurs to someone who works at a job on land workers compensation usually covers any medical expenses and loss of wages for a certain amount of time. But unless the seamen are in waters claimed by a certain state they cannot file a workers compensation claim. That is why the Jones Act is so beneficial.

If you have filed a claim under the Jones Act then you want to find a lawyer that can represent you. You want all your medical expenses paid as well as lost wages. Whether your job is full time 365 days a year or if it is seasonal, only 3 months out of the year, you still want as much coverage as possible.

The Jones Act was created to protect those who received an injury while working out at sea. This type of job takes people away from their homes, their family, and their way of life. People work at sea because it pays well. They deserve to be protected. Their families deserve that protection too. The Jones Act will protect them if they suffer from the injuries.

If you receive an injury you need to report it as soon as possible and seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Once you are treated it is important to find a lawyer who can begin representing you.