Jones Act Attorneys

Experienced Jones Act attorneys understand the complexities of maritime law. They know that proving fault and/or negligence can be tough. While many claims are settled before going to trial, some defendant’s refuse to admit negligence and take the case to trial. Jones Act attorneys are practiced at proving a client’s case in front of a jury. They present strong arguments and provide proof where needed.  If you have suffered an injury employed on a vessel at sea, or while working on an offshore rig or platform, the best thing you can do is put your case in the hands of experienced Jones Act attorneys.  Although many attorneys advertise themselves as offshore injury lawyers, the truth is most are not.  You need a lawyer who can handle the many complicated issues of the Jones Act.

The Ogletree Abbott Law Firm is home to experienced Jones Act attorneys that have successfully represented injured workers in Jones Act cases and other offshore maritime claims.  If you have been injured in an offshore accident, our Jones Act attorneys can help you get the most out of your settlement and get the appropriate medical care you need.

Who Needs Jones Act Attorneys?

Our Jones Act attorneys concentrate on handling offshore injury and death cases that result from the negligence of employers who could have possibly prevented the accidents in the first place.  Our attorneys represent injured seamen who have worked on vessels or in coastal occupations in seaports all around the world.  One of the most important factors in getting the most out of your case is to choose the best Jones Act attorneys to fight for your entitlements under the law.  Our attorneys know the steps to take to ensure that your rights are preserved and that you receive a fair settlement for your injuries.

Are Jones Act Attorneys Really Needed?

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can handle your claim on your own.  Jones Act Attorneys will be able to help you prove that the vessel owner was negligent, or could possibly have prevented your injury.  If negligence can be shown, then you will be eligible to be awarded additional compensation for your injury.  That is different from most state workers compensation laws, wherein employer negligence doesn’t matter.

Let Us Help You

No matter where you live, the Jones Act Attorneys at the Ogletree Abbott Law Firm can help you get the help you need.  If you would like, an attorney can contact you to answer your questions. There is no obligation and the initial phone call is always free of charge. Call toll free 1 800 Jones Act (1-800-566-3722). You may also send us an email at  Call today and let us help you answer any questions you have about reporting injuries to your employer.

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