Jones Act Lawyers Assist Injured Mississippi Seaman Hurt on the Job

Jones Act Lawyers Assist Injured Mississippi Seaman Hurt on the Job

Jones Act Lawyers Handle Claims for Recovering Seamen

Jones Act lawyers are experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of the Jones Act.  If you have been injured in a maritime accident, do not let the stress of a maritime claim overwhelm you.  A team of Jones Act lawyers will take over your case, handling the communication with your employer and even taking your case to trial in front of a jury, if the need arises.  Recovering from a maritime accident, no matter how serious, is stressful enough – let your Jones Act lawyers help you with your claim, while you focus on your recovery.

Request for Help Denied, Jones Act Lawyers Contacted

F. Gildea was an employee aboard a Mississippi fishing vessel when he suffered a maritime injury that left him unable to work for several months.  Working on the deck of the vessel, Mr. Gildea noticed that the deck was covered in a thick layer of ice.  HE notified his employer about the ice and asked for help, as well as the proper way to remove the ice for the safety of everyone aboard the vessel.  Mr. Gildea’s request was ignored, so he tried to remove the ice on his own.  While removing the ice, he slipped fell flat on his back.  Mr. Gildea’s accident required lumbar spine surgery that resulted in three months off work.  Mr. Gildea was very concerned about how his family would survive with the lost wages and the medical bills that were piling up.

He contacted a team of Jones Act lawyers to help him with his case rather than taking it on himself.  The Jones Act lawyers went to work right away on the case.  The lawyers were able to determine that Mr. Gildea’s employer was not going to cooperate, just as he did not cooperate with Mr. Gildea when he requested help.  Mr. Gildea’s case went to trial and the Jones Act lawyers were able to garner an award of $1.2 million.

Keep Your Working Environment Safe with Jones Act Lawyers

It is the responsibility of your maritime employer to provide a safe working environment for all employees.  If you have been subjected to unsafe working conditions and have suffered a maritime accident, contact a team of Jones Act lawyers today.  The lawyers will help you get the financial compensation you deserve.   Do not delay any longer; contact your Jones Act lawyers today!

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