Jones Act Lawyers Houston

When you are searching Google for Jones Act Lawyers Houston think of the Jones Act lawyers at the Ogletree Abbott Law Firm in Houston.  Our Houston phone number is 713-223-1234 but our Toll-Free Telephone Number, 1800 Jones Act says it all.  Did you know that we “wrote the book” on the Jones Act?  Our 600+ page book, “Jones Act and Maritime Law for Injured Workers” is available at and on our website.  You can also view it for free on our website and download a free copy!  Our book is also included in the Wikipedia article on the Jones Act under Scholarly Studies.

We represent injured seamen and injured offshore drilling workers under the federal Jones Act law.  Our Jones Act Lawyers in Houston have represented maritime workers on every continent but Houston is our home.  Why choose some small local firm or solo lawyer when you can choose the Jones Act Lawyers in Houston who wrote the book and are number one on the Internet?  You can contact us at 1800 Jones Act, email us or use our Live Chat feature on to have a live chat, going back and forth with one of our Jones Act Lawyers who will answer your questions and help you to understand your Jones Act rights.  Regardless of how you contact us everything you ask and say will be held in strictest secrecy due to the Attorney/Client legal privilege.

When you need a Jones Act Lawyer Houston, remember the Ogletree Abbott Law Firm in Houston.  We’re the nationwide Jones Act Law Firm that happens to be located in Houston and interested in your Jones Act – Maritime Injury.  Whether your injury occurred on an offshore drilling rig, boat, ship, tug, barge or any “vessel” as defined by the Jones Act, we can help you.  We also practice Workers Compensation and Longshore Harbor Workers Compensation and every other type of job injury law.  So, when you don’t know which law to choose, choose the Ogletree Abbott Law Firm and let us advise you on which way to go.  There’s no cost for a phone, email, live chat or office visit consultation.  Don’t make a mistake out of ignorance of the law.  Contact the Jones Act Lawyers Houston at Ogletree Abbott and let us “school you” quickly about the Jones Act and Maritime Law.  We look forward to hearing from you!


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