Jones Act Lawyers

If you were injured while working aboard any type of sea vessel, including offshore rigs, tug boat, and barges, you may be able to file a claim against your employer.  The United States passed the Jones Act law to help injured seamen get necessary medical care and income while recuperating after being injured.  The Jones Act is different than state workers compensation claims. Different laws apply and settlements are usually much higher. It is absolutely crucial that you get advice and representation from qualified Jones Act Lawyers if you find yourself in this situation.

Who Needs Jones Act Lawyers?

Jones Act Lawyers are helpful for those who have been injured while working onboard a boat or vessel in any navigable body of water, including the Great Lakes, the Gulf of Mexico, any navigable river or ocean.  Jones Act Lawyers can help you know whether you’re eligible to file a claim. Typically, those eligible are individuals engaged or employed on a sea/ocean vessel, or engaged in any type of work on board a vessel. Drilling rigs, crew boats, tug boats, barges, tankers, jack-up rigs, fishing vessels and cruise ships are just a few of the many types of vessels whose crews qualify for help under the Jones Act. However, only Jones Act Lawyers can say for sure exactly who is eligible and who isn’t.

If you were injured while working offshore, and if you were injured on any type of vessel at all, consult with knowledgeable Jones Act lawyers right away.  Jones Act lawyers have the experience and training to guide you through this difficult time. These types of claims have a limited amount of time for you to file, so don’t delay.

 Are Jones Act Lawyers Really Needed?

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can handle your claim on your own. Jones Act lawyers will be able to help you prove that the vessel owner was negligent, or could possibly have prevented your injury. If negligence can be shown, then you will be eligible to be awarded additional compensation for your injury. That is different from most state workers compensation laws, wherein employer negligence doesn’t matter.

Jones Act lawyers will gather necessary evidence and conduct a strict investigation to prove that your owner could have possibly prevented your injury.  A strong case must be built and your burden of proof must be met. Only Jones Act lawyers can provide such legal help. Without such help, securing a good settlement for your injury is next to impossible.

Let Us Help You

No matter where you live, the Jones Act lawyers at the Ogletree Abbott Law Firm can help you get the help you need. If you would like, a lawyer or an attorney can contact you to answer your questions. There is no obligation and the initial phone call is always free of charge. Call toll free 1 800 Jones Act (1-800-566-3722). You may send us an email. Call today and let us help you answer any questions you have about reporting injuries to your employer.

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