Jones Act Settlements Attorney Successful with Facial Disfigurement Claim

Jones Act Settlements Attorney Successful with Facial Disfigurement Claim

Seek Jones Act Settlements after Maritime Accidents

Jones Act settlements lawyers work on behalf of maritime workers that are treated poorly or forced to work in risky conditions.  Working as a maritime worker involves an element of risk, but that risk can be minimized when the proper working conditions are provided and the proper safety precautions are taken.  Jones Act settlements lawyers know just how to find out if your working conditions were the cause of your accident and can tell you if you have a valid Jones Act settlement claim. If you have a valid claim, your attorneys will help you seek fair compensation.

Facial Injuries Lead Seaman to Call Jones Act Settlements Attorney

N. Byford was working as a fisherman aboard a fishing vessel in Alaska when he suffered severe facial injuries that caused him to contact a lawyer specializing in Jones Act settlements.  As Mr. Byford was netting in the fish on the vessel, the net snapped back harshly, hitting him across the face with a very sharp motion.  The blow caused Mr. Byford to fall backwards and hit his head.  After a medical examination, it was determined that Mr. Byford had a mild concussion, as well as several facial injuries that left him with permanent facial disfigurement.  Mr. Byford’s Jones Act settlements lawyer went to work right away and filed a Jones Act claim for the seaman.

Mr. Byford’s Jones Act settlements lawyer determined right away that the employer was not going to fight the claim, so they would not have to go to trial.  The employer knew that the netting procedure was not handled properly, which led to the accident and injuries. The Jones Act settlements lawyer went through all of the motions of filing a Jones Act claim and Mr. Byford was given $1 million for injuries and loss of income.

Garner Large Jones Act Settlements with an Attorney

If you have been injured in a maritime accident that left you with facial disfigurement, contact your Jones Act settlements lawyer today.  Your lawyer will be able to help you file your Jones Act claim and get you the financial compensation that you deserve.  It does not matter what caused your accident – Jones Act settlements are what a maritime lawyer is there to garner.

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