Make Your Claim Easy with Jones Act Attorneys

Maritime accidents are very scary, but when you have a team of Jones Act attorneys at your side, it makes it a bit easier.  A team of Jones Act attorneys will help you determine exactly what your maritime accident is worth and they will help you to get that compensation.  It does not matter how big or small your maritime accident is – if you have suffered an accident that is a direct result of a violation of the Jones Act, you are entitled to compensation.  The only way to determine what you deserve is by contacting a team of Jones Act attorneys right away.

Seaman Calls Jones Act Attorneys after Captain Disregards Request

T. Buth was working as a welder on a vessel when he suffered a maritime injury and required the services of Jones Act attorneys to help him.  Mr. Buth had work to complete that required the vessel to stay stationary to ensure his safety while working.  Contrary to the request, the captain of the vessel began moving the vessel out of the harbor while Mr. Buth was still working. This caused Mr. Buth to be tossed around the vessel since he was high up on a ladder performing his work.  The pressure of Mr. Buth’s fall caused him to suffer severe injuries to his spine, which required several extensive surgeries.  Mr. Buth was lucky to not have been paralyzed as a result of his fall, but his injuries were severe enough that he was unable to work for several months.  Mr. Buth’s Jones Act attorneys immediately began investigating the case.

The investigation uncovered the fact that the captain of the vessel deliberately ignored Mr. Buth’s requests to leave the vessel stationary. The captain was upset with the seaman for personal reasons and his anger led him to act negligently.  Mr. Buth’s Jones Act attorneys took the case to court in front of a judge and jury.  After presenting the case to the court, Mr. Buth was awarded with $1.7 million.

Purposeful Negligence Needs Jones Act Attorneys

If you have been injured in a maritime accident as a result of purposeful negligence, you need to consult with Jones Act attorneys right away.  It is not good practice to take on your employer yourself, especially when they are blatantly at fault.  Contact your Jones Act attorneys right away to get the treatment and financial compensation that you deserve.