Jones Act Claims

Jones Act claim after tugboat accidentWhen you need help with a Jones Act Claim call the Ogletree Abbott Law Firm at 1-800-JonesAct for fast help with medical care, maintenance and cure and getting your bills paid.

If you work on a ship, boat, barge, fishing boat, tanker, container ship, cruise ship, casino boat, charter boat or any term that contains the word boat or ship, you are likely covered by the Jones Act. If you work on an offshore drilling rig you probably have a Jones Act Claim. If you work anywhere in the water or near the water, you could also have a Jones Act Claim. Workers who previously were classified under the Longshore Harbor Workers Act may now have a Jones Act Claim.

Do not assume that you are covered by Workers Compensation, the Longshore Compensation or any other particular law until you talk to a Lawyer. Do not listen to your employer, their insurance company or their doctor. Call the Ogletree Abbott Law Firm at 1 800 Jones Act and let us quickly tell you whether you have a Jones Act Claim, about you choices and what each choice will mean to you as to medical care, weekly checks and your settlement.

Be cautious when an attorney says that they have connections to law firms, judges, employers or insurance companies. The only connection you need is to the Ogletree Abbott Law Firm, where each Lawyer represents only injured workers, never an employer or insurance company. We never have and never will represent the employer or an insurance company and we don’t intend to be friends with attorneys who do. Be cautious of hiring a lawyer that has previously represented the other side and now claims to help injured workers.

If you make a mistake in hiring the wrong law firm you will discover that a good lawyer and law firm must know more than just the law. Good communication is vitally important to obtaining a good result. Look for a lawyer that listens to you, gives you respect, spends time with you, is able to sympathize with you, returns your calls quickly and offers to help you and your family just like a family member or friend would try to help you if they could. Is the lawyer concerned about your finances and how you are going to be able to pay your bills? Does the law firm have the resources to help you financially? We have the financial strength to help you with your bills and help you to get from where you are to the point where you can negotiate your settlement from strength, not weakness.

The best possible course of action is to call the Ogletree Abbott Law Firm at 1 800 Jones Act without delay. If you have any doubt at all about having a Jones Act Claim, call us now at 1800Jones Act. It’s a toll free call and we do not charge for talking with prospective clients. If you do decide to allow us to represent you with your Jones Act Claim we will quickly step up and start helping you and your family on day one. Give us a call right now and see what we can do to help you today.

Let Us Help You

No matter where you live, the lawyers and attorneys at the Ogletree Abbott Law Firm can help you get the help you need. If you would like, a lawyer or an attorney can contact you to answer your questions because F.E.L.A and Jones Act laws are complex, and you need an attorney who has experience in these matters. There is no obligation and the initial phone call is always free of charge. Call toll free 1-800-JonesAct (1-800-566-3722). You may or send us an email. Call today and let us help you answer any questions you have about your Jones Act or Maritime injury.