Why choose us as your Jones Act lawyer?

If you are searching for a Jones Act lawyer, then you have come to the right place. Most
land employees are limited to worker’s compensation benefits for on-the-job accidents
resulting in personal injury or permanent or temporary disability. By contrast, the Jones
Act gives the working seaman the right to his or her full damages for the negligence
of the owner, the master, or fellow crew members. In cases where the vessel’s un-
seaworthiness is found to have caused the injury, an independent ground of liability
will support a claim for damages against the owner. Hiring a Jones Act lawyer can help
eliminate a lot of possible headaches that can occur when dealing with this type of claim.

Companies don’t always inform their employees of the rights and benefits available to
them or even let them know they have a right to hire a Jones Act lawyer to assist them.
As a result, they may try and take control a injury claim by telling an employee he or
she must be examined by a company doctor or seek medical attention from a company
approved hospital. In some instances, an employer may tell an injured employee that a
nurse must accompany him or her to any medical exams or appointments.

There is nothing in the Jones Act, however, that gives an employer the right to determine
where you can seek medical attention or what doctor you see. And certainly, there is
nothing that allows a company to send a nurse to accompany you to an exam or doctor’s
appointment. Your Jones Act lawyer will make sure every area of your claim is handled
with the upmost care.

A reputable Jones Act lawyer in Houston knows just how intricate the legal questions can
be in cases involving serious injury or death at sea. We know what considerations govern
the status of the seaman in cases where Jones Act coverage might be doubtful. We know
how to gather and preserve evidence of negligence and un-seaworthiness. We know how
to prove all the elements of damages allowed in a Jones Act claim. In short, our long and
conscientious experience with accidents at sea and in port enables us to make the best
presentation possible of your claim.